Lot-et-Garonne: back to basics for jazzman Matthieu Chazarenc

the essential As part of the Philosophical Meetings, Matthieu Chazarenc, luminous jazz drummer native of Agen, presents his second album, Canto II, Friday 12 November at the Ducourneau theater.

“Knowledge makes you free”. The fulgurance of Michel Serres is transporting. It is on all the posters of the Rencontres Philosophique Michel Serres. This first edition will take place in Agen from Friday 12 November to Sunday 14 November . Its ambition is to highlight the famous Agenais and his book “The 5 senses”. Conferences, meetings, debates, youth workshops, the event is a multicolored bouquet which, on the festive side, begins in music with a concert by the radiant Matthieu Chazarenc on Friday at 21 h 30 at the Ducourneau theater. This concert, exceptional in more than one way, promises to be captivating and enveloping. “This is an important moment for me”, warns Matthieu.

Chiseled notes that resemble the sweet madness of a Matthieu Chazarenc born on the banks of the Garonne

A native of Agen, this gifted drummer – modest, he prefers to emphasize that he works his instrument every day – released Canto II, Cançon last March. The notes are wonderfully chiseled. They look like her sweet pretty, her perpetual motion. The instrumentation is resolutely turned towards a sound favoring acoustics, the melodies are heady. Our South-West transpires in this hypnotic album recorded in Astaffort. The songs have our accent, meaning and they awaken the senses.

Beyond the magic of the drums, the compositions are served by outstanding musicians with whom the demanding Matthieu wanted to share his roots, his identity. There is accordionist Laurent Derache, double bassist Christophe Wallemme, and bugle stylist Sylvain Gontard. They are broken in. From the Anglet Jazz Festival to the Sunset-Sunside in Paris via the “Gasconne” Tour, there have already been around forty dates all over France for Canto II. It is not over. For example, it will enchant the Barbaste theater on 20 next November.

At Ducourneau, however, there will be another dimension. A choir of 100 children from the Class with Musical Arrangements (Cham) of the Ducos du Hauron college will be invited on stage to sing compositions by Matthieu. This Agen choir will be directed by Cathy Judith. There will also be Sylvain Luc, extraterrestrial guitarist, as a guest. He already appears as a guest on Canto II where he participates in three titles including the touching cover of “Plus bleu que tes eyes” by Charles Aznavour, of which Matthieu Chazarenc was the last drummer. Other surprises are planned but they are under the seal of secrecy.

The air “Place Jasmin (for Marcel Azzola)” n ‘ will not escape the Agenais who will melt like snow in the sun while listening to the magnificent “Garona”. For us, “Garona” is a hymn. He tells

the story of a kid, born on the banks of the Garonne, who in the evening, wherever he is, falls asleep in his arms. How not to think of Michel Serres? Garonne has flowed through his veins all his life feeding his heart and his lyrics.

“I really wanted to write some related lyrics at the Garonne, which I had never done, says Matthieu. I was born at the Saint-Jean clinic, by the river. I left Agen for Pau, then Nancy, then Toulouse, then I came back to go back to New York then Paris… I came back but the Garonne has always been there. It is there. ”

Music, like knowledge, makes free. That of the Gascon Matthieu Chazarenc is a journey in complete freedom whose goal is to return to the sources, to Garonne. How not to make this path with him in Ducourneau?


Matthieu Chazarence familiarized himself with the drums at a very young age thanks to his father. The instrument quickly becomes an extension of him. Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental d’Agen (CRDA), Conservatory of Toulouse, he joined the jazz class of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris under the direction of Daniel Humair. In 2003, he comes out with a first prize and congratulations. He then performed in jazz clubs and festivals in France, in New York. Wherever the wind carries it. He multiplies the meetings, accompanies Olivia Ruiz on one of his tours. He was Charles Aznavour’s last drummer. Matthew is a phenomenon.

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