Lot: at Bétaille, Krys Holden releases a new CD

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In 2018, she had released her second album of five tracks “Around the bend”. The singer Krys Holden, of Bétaille, has just released, on 10 October, a CD of ten tracks of which she wrote the texts in English.

Recorded live in three days

She had launched in January 2021 a crowdfunding campaign with Ulule to make this CD. Today it is done, “Speechless” was released after being recorded live in three days.

“I am really happy to have been able to carry out this project until the end, and I can’t wait for you to find out! Krys said with a pretty smile. She does not forget to warmly thank the whole team who helped her in this musical adventure: “Didier Théry and his Terrific Studio for recording and production, Éric Sauviat (guitar), Arnaud Giroux (bass), Olivier Ferrarin (drums) and Nicolas Tuaillon (saxophone), fabulous musicians who did me the honor of brilliantly interpreting these pieces ”. The CD cover was produced by Arnaud Giroux, and perfectly represents the history of the album.

Du folk, du blues and a voice

Folk and rock blues: it’s the music she loves, the music to which she brings, with talent and enthusiasm , her voice soft or powerful like a wave. In her, universes overlap, on the piano, on the guitar, on the voice. We must hear everything she would like to tell us through song, and only through song. It is a voice whose spectrum is peopled with solar emotions. From the ribs of the soul to the snows of Montreal, Krys loves to travel. And Krys Holden has not finished making you travel!

Concerts are planned or in preparation including one in Figeac at l’Arrosoir in March 2022.

To order the CD: www.krysholden.com, listen to it in digital version: https: // krysholden. bandcamp.com/

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