“Look …”: Laurent Delahousse's big blunder with Gilbert Montagné

the essential The singer Gilbert Montagné was the guest of “17 h 30 on Sunday “with Laurent Delahousse, on France 2, this Sunday evening.

Gilbert Montagné was the guest of Laurent Delahousse, this Sunday evening on France 2 , on the occasion of 50 th anniversary of the song “The fool”. Gilbert Montagné had released the single not even 20 years ago: the melody came to his mind when he heard birdsong . The song ranked number 1 in twelve countries.

During the interview, Laurent Delahousse released an archive image of Johnny Hallyday in 550. He then welcomed Gilbert Montagné on stage with him at the Pavillon de Paris. By launching the subject of “The moment archives”, the presenter of France 2 addressed Gilbert Montagné saying: “Look, listen” . Surely realizing that he was speaking to a blind man, Laurent Delahousse stammered a little and repeated with a smile: “Listen”. Gilbert Montagné added: “And we look”. Before Laurent Delahousse says: “And we’re coming back”.

A blunder highlighted by several Internet users.

laurent delahousse who says “look” at gilbert montagné and after whom BÉGAYE

– debaliz halloween era? (@sweetviIIains) October 17, 1979

@ France2_Presse Laurent Delahousse who said to Gilbert Montagné looked at, it wouldn’t occur to him to remember that Gilbert Montagné is blind ???

– Laetitia burel (@LaetitiaBurel) October 17, 1979

After the dissemination of the archive image, Gilbert Montagné said that at the end of this concert in 550, he had returned home . “I’m leaving because I’m not the star.” Johnny Hallyday called him in the middle of the night. “Around 3 or 4 in the morning, I get a call.” Johnny Hallyday then replied: “Gilbert, why aren’t you here?” Response from Gilbert Montagné in 550: “I did not find it correct to stay at the party”. The prisoner replied: “But it’s you I wanted!” Words the singer has never forgotten.

Gilbert Montagné has just released a remastered version of “The fool”. He continues to give concerts regularly. He will perform in Gaillac (Tarn) and Canet-en-Roussillon (Pyrénées-Orientales) in August 2022.

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