Lone Kent, a symphony of guitars

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We discovered Lone Kent with the first album – superb – by Toulousain Théojasmine, in which he designed volutes of guitars of rare elegance chiseled like lace . A new project will make us cross his path, far from the delicate arpeggios to which he has accustomed us: a GuitarKestra for which he invited 13 guitarists, five bassists and a drummer. An astonishing show, which he will give on Saturday at the Château de Clermont-Savès, in the Gers. “It’s an old idea that comes from my fascination with the sound that several guitars can create at the same time,” confides this teacher and educational coordinator at Music’Halle, at the Espace Job, in Toulouse. Hear what all these are doing. strings when they resonate together. ” This idea, close to the show of “80 Guitars” of Rhys Chatham which made him travel all over the world in the years 80 and of which he was section chief, the American who has been living in the South-West since 1986 had the opportunity to present it in 2019 in Toulouse with 21 musicians, at the windows of the courtyard appeal, place du Salin in Toulouse, as part of the Heritage Nights. “This event, on October 2, will be a little different, he explains. This time we wanted to improve the concept with a municipal building that really looks good. We are going to play on the facade of the castle, which is a house. bourgeois, and it will be interesting to distribute this group of musicians along the walls, in a space of 100 m². The appeal is that the spectators will be able to wander at random in the middle of the sound, which can spring from everywhere. The music will be at 360 °. The idea is to place the audience at the heart of sound. ” The music written by Lone Kent is a symphonic musical piece of 30 minutes which he wrote keeping in mind the particular place where it will be unveiled. A sound and visual shock guaranteed.

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