London: climate protesters block traffic by sticking their hands to the ground

the essential In central London, traffic was again blocked by British environmental protesters Insulate Britain. This time, those who already claim dozens of non-violent and spectacular actions, have chosen to stick their hands on the ground to delay the police evacuation.

Protesters have again blocked traffic in London, this time sticking their hands directly to the asphalt to prevent and delay the police evacuation. This new mode of demonstration was induced by the environmental group Insulate Britain, which denounces the inaction of the English government in matters of isolation of housing. The movement claims dozens of actions, including the blocking of the London ring road or the M motorway 25, the most used in the city.

According to movement activist Suzie Webb, “Insulate Britain has called on the government to isolate all UK homes because it’s a great way to cut our carbon emissions by around 10% British homes are currently among the least well insulated and most exposed to drafts in Europe. The British government intends to be firm in the face of the movement’s actions.

“I run a very high risk of an unlimited fine which will cost me my house and that could also lead to me to two years in prison. But I cannot not act, I cannot” testifies Biff Whipster, an evacuated activist blocking. Indeed, the demonstrators risk two years in prison, according to a court injunction announced by the government. “Why would I sit at home, in a comfortable chair, having fun, while the scientists tell us what’s going to happen. I have to be here,” the protester says, however.

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