Limoux: the three-star chef Gilles Goujon returns to the college of his youth

the essential The chef, three-starred in the Michelin Guide, returned to the Institut Saint Joseph, the Limousin college of his young years, for a shoot with France 2.

“It is a great chef who did us the honor of coming back to the school benches and who offered a three-star gift to the students: a passionate testimony to life, improvised in the middle of the courtyard, a powerful transmission for our young people, advice, how to find one’s way, not to stop inventing, to look further… ”The post, on the Facebook page of the Institut Saint-Joseph, in Limoux, is by Dominique Gerber, the director of this private Catholic establishment under contract with the state, which has a little more than 300 students from 6th to Terminale.

Gilles Goujon, the 3-star chef of the Auberge du Vieux Puits in Fonjoncouse, was indeed back last Monday in this college which housed his young years between 1975 and 1977, at a time when he had just lost his father, a fighter pilot. “One of the highlights of his youth”, confided Dominique Gerber, reached by phone on Friday.

“Everything that makes the sense of our work”

Welcomed to “St Jo” on the occasion of a report on his life to be published next spring on France Televisions, Gilles Goujon, according to the director, has kept a strong memory of the support and accompaniment he was able to find from Anne-Marie Miquel, the coordinator of School Life at the time. It is also there that he acquired his values, fundamentals that he wished in return to share with the students between their outing at noon, and… the canteen. A real lesson in life.

“This is all that makes up the meaning of our daily work, supporting people to be and to become,” emphasized Dominique Gerber.

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