Limoux. The Fanflures and the students of the music school in concert

the essential As part of the Sound Bubbles, the young people of the music school shared a master class with the seven musicians of the Fanflures brass band, for a single concert this Saturday 30 October at noon on the Place de la République.

About thirty students from the music school and the orchestras of Ruffié and Delteil, were yesterday in master class with the musicians of the Fanflures brass band.

Music is serious, especially when it seems easy. The young people of Limoux, very diligent, listened attentively to the instructions of their elders who had come to have them rehearse for a single concert which will take place at Place de la République, this Saturday 30 October at 12 hours, in front of the Atelier des vignerons.

The Fanflures brass band is a fanfare composed of seven talented and whimsical musicians from the Pink City, inspired by the standards of those of New Orleans.

In Occitan style, the album Dans ta face , released in 2013, will be the group’s first opus, the last in 2020 was Golden Rumor. Their credo? Festive jazz.

The little people of Limousin did not hesitate to share a few notes with the generous people of Toulouse. Make no mistake, the seven teen-like musicians are demanding in their jazzy style.

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