Limoux. Sound bubbles: flow musette, welcome to the world in Java

the essential Java, the explosive group of flow musette, will be on the Olympia stage on Friday 29 October at 20 hours.

Java is at the same time an island in Indonesia, a computer language for game enthusiasts and finally for the oldest it is a dancing and haunting tune played on a suspender piano. That falls rather well, the instrument will be on the shoulders of one of the four Parisian titis who constitute this group of musicians, my faith unclassifiable, baptized Java.

In the world of Java, there is no popular dance from the thirties, but very contemporary rap, sounding without tripping over the notes of a malicious accordion. The history of this whimsical group goes back years 2000. Java released their first album, Hawaii, and invented a new musical genre, rap musette. Like American rappers who sampled soul or jazz records, Java was the first group to mix the accordion musette with rap. Texts written on a string, flow having nothing to envy of the rappers of the time, very accomplished arrangements, devastating humor, hypnotic groove, Hawaii was going to mark its time.

A live album will follow in 2001, Java sur Seine , then two studio albums Safari cruise in 2004 and Maudits Français in 2009. Java will roam theaters and festivals in France and Navarre, forging a scenic reputation.

Then in 2010 Java draws the curtain. After a silence of more than ten years, the four friends decide to go back on stage. No question of playing on the nostalgic rope, not at all, in the world of Java we share a new vintage. Java is aging well and is preparing to deliver on the stage of Olympia, Friday at , its vintage 20 years of age. And as the accordionist Fixi would say: “We don’t beat the stage, we set it on fire”. On instruments: Fixi (accordion), Pépouse Man (bass), Alexis Bossard (drums) and R.Wan, founder of the group Soviet Suprem.

On the program for Friday 29 October : at 20 h 30 Sidi Wacho, Java 22 hours and Naâman at 22 h 45.

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