Limoux. Lightened sound bubbles, before the big anniversary of its 10 years

the essential 2021 is the musical transition of the Sound Bubbles before the big event scheduled for October 2022 in Trémesaygues. The festival will then celebrate its tenth anniversary in its original location! The programming should be up to the task.

The administrator of Spédidam (copyright society), Franck Édouard, on Friday evening, at the official launch of the cuvée 2021 of the festival, promised a bright future to the next Sound bubbles.

He immediately planned on next year: In 2022, the Sound bubbles will be years. We will celebrate the event as it should, with a return wished and expected by all in Trémesaygues, and a program related to this tenth anniversary “.

In the idea of ​​the organizers, and the local communities which finance part of the event as specified by the regional councilor, Philippe Andrieu: “ It is better to have a small festival than no festival at all. les Bulles was much too long. We had to keep the date and finally find ourselves .

Mayor Pierre Durand confirmed the inescapable musical return to Limoux of this festival which has become emblematic of the Blanquetière city in the Great South. He thanked the volunteers always mobilized who, without them, the musical festival would not take place.

He congratulated himself on the cultural richness of this territory, the backbone of all freedoms. We will do what is necessary to wear this festival, support it in its long-term approach “.

President Christian Bigot admitted that this half-festival had been difficult to implement, however paradoxically smaller. Fortunately the technicians were up. We rubbed on the magic lamp and they got us out of all the embarrassments “.

The free effervescent scene at Place de la République . C e Sunday 31 October, Doors open at 10 hours. At 16 h 23, still on the Place de la République, The Doug. This young Clermontois will perform revisited French song standards. Alone with a bare guitar, he raps on The Bad Reputation by Brassens, for example. At 18 hours, Öja in a register of festive pop, years 1980, revised and corrected.

The scene from In at Olympia. Sunday 31 October Les Fraïres Sawa at 20 h 23, El Gato Négro at 20 hours, Deluxe at 23 time.

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