Limoux. Concert: direction Northern Europe with Fleur d'Espine

the essential The vocal ensemble Fleur d’Espine will be in concert this Saturday 18 September at the auditorium of the piano museum in Limoux. More than a concert, it is a real musical invitation to travel. Immediate embarkation.

It is in 1989 that the vocal ensemble Fleur d’Espine was created on the initiative of a man, Olivier Boulicot. With 25 choristers, they are all driven by a passion, singing. The voluntarily limited number of the group allows a real research on the quality of the voice and the interpretation. Fleur d’Espine has set itself a goal: the presentation and dissemination to the public of rarely performed vocal works. The classical repertoire is visited through all eras. Twentieth-century vocal music remains his favorite field, however. After having explored the world of Anglo-Saxon choral music today, Fleur d’Espine remains contemporary and sets out to discover the composers of northern Europe. Inspired by the harshness of the climate, enriched by a very particular folklore, the culture of these peoples is reflected in their music, thus transporting the public to the heart of new sound universes.

From the Northern Lights to the vast snow-capped expanses, the viewer’s imagination is indeed nourished by the meditative sacred music written by the composers of these regions. From Denmark to Norway, passing Sweden, Finland and Lithuania, it is both an invitation to travel and a musical discovery of great richness: Jaako Mantyjarvi, Fredrik Sixten, Vaclovas Augustinas, Eriks Esenvalds , Trond Kverno, etc. An Inuit legend will be the common thread throughout this musical journey.

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