Lena Situations and Natoo for “True Story” on Amazon Prime Video: “There was real summer camp energy”

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(ETX Daily Up) – “True Story” returns on 30 September on Amazon Prime Video for a second season which will unveil six true, new and personal stories told by Isabelle Adjani, Pierre Niney, Teddy Riner, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Tony Parker and Julien Doré. At the presentation of this new season, among others, Lena Situations and Natoo.

How did you end up in this second season of “True Story” on Amazon Prime Video?

Natoo: Basically, it’s an adaptation of an Australian program that hit the nail on the head and Prime Video also wanted to do it in a French version and I think they wanted to try a more digital approach. with people from the Internet who are not necessarily used to rubbing shoulders with each other, mingling with people from the cinema, the great comedians and actresses installed. And it made a kind of unique, explosive mix that we are not used to seeing and for this new season …

Lena: There are new kids! Nat has been there from the start …

Natoo: For ten years already … (laughs)

Lena: (laughs) It’s his second season and at the beginning there was a very masculine cast, which we embrace, but Prime said “this year, come on, we want girls, we want Bilal” …

Natoo: Yes it is Conversely, there were only men and me and there we only have girls and Bilal.

Lena : That’s what I liked about this idea, this new season was to do it with people I love and in front of people that I admire since the cast opposite is quite crazy, quite incredible. I don’t know if we will have the opportunity one day to meet up with Isabelle Adjani or Adèle Exarchopoulos who tell us their stories, their craziest anecdotes.

How did the shooting go?

Lena: There was a real “summer camp” energy because it should be noted that we are on one of the first shootings after confinements. We were all getting back into the bath. It had been a little while, almost a year, that we had all been waiting to see each other again, to all start working behind the cameras again, in front of … In front of or behind the camera? Are we in front or are we behind?

Natoo: We were in front!

Lena: We were in front! Whereas usually we are often behind so there to end up all together with a crazy cast. We were allowed to come with our costumes …

Natoo: Yes it’s true!

Lena: We got dressed, we screwed up extensions, etc. This energy was very funny. It was the ball! (laughs)

Natoo: It’s true that we were all together and also during two days of filming, what did we talk about and laugh about … There was a real osmosis, a real team, a real team and I think there is had good chemistry. For the first season, it was just a day of filming where we couldn’t really talk. There really, we took the time to discover each other, it was too good.

Lena: It was over two days. It’s true that these are the kind of shoots that are quite long because there are a lot of things to take into account, there are plenty of people there to take care of all that, things that we do not necessarily see. These are shoots that could quickly be very boring. There is a wait, there are changes of sets, etc … but there was not a moment of “Oh that’s long! We’re fed up”. Every time we were busy changing the cameras, changing the lights or whatever, we were going to lodges!

Natoo: To speak!

Lena: We told each other the gossip, we told each other our own little anecdotes …

Among all these new anecdotes, which one is your favorite?

Natoo: So already, you, you have the link of all the episodes and we don’t! So we only know our episodes!

Lena: There is a big embargo, however, we saw each other’s stories a little bit because we sneaked behind the cameras, this time, to see the friends who are interviewing … When Isabelle Adjani arrived, we were all behind the screen back like that (shocked look in front of the camera).

Natoo: Silence we do not speak.

Lena: And Isabelle Adjani’s story is crazy …

Natoo: Yes, it’s crazy! But suddenly I couldn’t hear very well either because we had no sound feedback so we were picking up things and I can’t wait to see the episode, to see how it was interpreted …

Lena: Completely!

Natoo: To even see who plays Gérard Depardieu, just that, it must be crazy (laughs) After, for me, the craziest story, the cutest is that of Pierre Niney who tells us his first great love story, to Lena and me. It’s happening in Russia and it’s super touching. We were really moved when he told us that. And in addition there is a kind of Happy End … There is a very beautiful thing at the end.

Lena: Sounds like a Disney tale a bit.

Natoo: Yes, that’s it!

Lena: At one point, we said to each other, he fools us, everyone pranks us. His story is not true! And if it is! (laughs)

What is your “True Story”?

Natoo: Frankly, I don’t have nothing to say. I only have things that happen to me, big pisses but which can be summed up in a sentence like “my hair burned at the hairdresser, I was stung by a wasp” … Okay there you go, it’s just condensed but not crazy stuff!

Lena: C ‘are very short anecdotes!

Natoo: Yes it is very short! Hello, what’s your anecdote? I was stung by a wasp because I have a nest that is installed in the wall of my house, period! So I think the “True Stories” are on Prime Video, the best anecdotes.

Lena: We invite you to listen!

Natoo: Do you have one, maybe?

Lena: After it’s been 5 years that I share my life so every anecdote has already been told. There, when someone tells me something new, I’m in “what’s not on a hard drive already? I don’t know, I’ve already said everything!” So, no, there are a lot of things that we have been able to experience. You say anything (turning to Natoo), she has a lot of crazy anecdotes. We were just talking about it with the actors who came to see us and who told us “I really thought about it to find the anecdote, THE thing”. Because sometimes, you forget them and the fact of telling them, you relive them. Pierre Niney told us that he had not told his anecdote to many people and that he had even erased it from his brain. He relived it at the same time as us.

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