Lautrec: a hectic weekend at Café Plùm

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Thursday 21 October, from 20 h 30, Café Plùm offers an open stage evening in honor of one of the most influential songwriters and performers of French song: Georges Brassens.

In October of this year, the artist would have been 100 years old. On this occasion, Café Plùm decided to invite its audience to perform music from its repertoire on stage. In order to organize this evening as well as possible, the team invites those who wish to participate to come forward by email to [email protected]

Friday 22 October, the Café lautrecois will welcome the public for a concert with multiple influences. Julie Lagarrigue on vocals, guitar and piano, will deliver generous and authentic world music.

To end this long weekend, Saturday 23 October, the duo Mekanik Kantatik will offer a resolutely unique concert: Nicolas Cante and his electro piano, free and disturbed; accompanied by the electro-latino voice of Colombian singer Violeta Ocampo.

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