Laurent Baffie unrecognizable after having had plastic surgery

the essential Many viewers had difficulty recognizing Laurent Baffie in Laurent Ruquier’s show on France 2 a week ago. The comedian explains that he had recourse to cosmetic surgery.

Sniper by Thierry Ardisson, known for his hidden cameras and renowned for his scathing humor, Laurent Baffie has been part of the French media landscape for many years. So what was the surprise of the viewers of “On est en direct”, the program of Laurent Ruquier, on Saturday evening on France 2 , of discover the physique of Laurent Baffie.

A transformed man with more hair and a lot less dark circles under his eyes. Many Internet users then immediately suspected Laurent Baffie of having had recourse to cosmetic surgery following such a physical transformation.

And they weren’t wrong. Laurent Baffie confirmed the use of cosmetic surgery in a tweet on November 1. “I had implants and bags under my eyes two years ago and people are finding out now.”

I had implants and bags under my eyes two years ago and people are finding out now. Ud 83 d ude for anal whitening I keep you posted. ud 83 d ude 18

– Laurent Baffie Official (@lolobababa) November 1, 2021

Guest of “Media culture” on Europe 1 , Laurent Baffie explained his approach. “I had hair implants two years ago. Cozy as I am, it was really amazing that I ended up doing this. The technique having evolved, having shaved and not having a bald head, I ended up saying: why not? And I ended up bagging my eyes because I looked tired all the time and people told me I was sick. And since I am a hypochondriac, I couldn’t stand it. A friend said to me: ‘you know, it’s an incision, you remove the pocket of fat and voila’. I did my hair and my eyes the same year. ”

Faced with Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé last Saturday, Laurent Baffie explained that he went out of his way sometimes without thinking about their consequences. “Sometimes I say things that I totally disagree with that put me in black shit. It comes straight out. My worst enemy is myself”

Laurent Baffie has just released a new book for which it is in promotion: “Le guide de la repartee” (Kero editions).

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