Laure Sansus: “We feel that we are supported”

the essential Before the match against the All Blacks, Saturday in Castres, the scrum half of the France team feels carried by the public who push behind the France team .

Do you feel the craze building around Les Bleues?

On has the impression of having more and more people behind us, that the stadiums are filling up. People send us personal and collective messages, it’s always nice. We know that we need victories and big matches for them to join. What is ultra-interesting is that these are mostly messages of sympathy. We feel that we are really supported, that people are with us, encourage us and carry us.

Is it special to have to face the same team, New Zealand, twice in the space of a week?

It’s a chance to replay them, to be able to refine our strategy, our project. We can imagine that they will not play the same game. We must not fall into the trap of saying that we won last week and that it will be the same. They have big individualities. They lack a bit of benchmarks collectively, but it can happen quickly.

You remain on three wins in a row against the Black Ferns. Do you think you have gained control over them with less than a year before the World Cup?

It will be a World Cup, at home. They hold the title. We will have to be very careful with them there, they will be serious customers. It’s still the Black Ferns and I think they will be able to compete with any team by then. We will let them work in their corner and work from ours and we will see where we are in a year.

Beating them again on Saturday would show that Pau’s big victory was not accidental…

It’s a bit our quest, to show that we are progressing and that it is something lasting. That it is not an achievement here and there, but that we are able to compete with any nation, to go for a Tournament and, a little further, a World Cup.

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