Laure and Florent Manaudou in “Celebrity Hunted” on Prime Video: “We will be able to know who we can trust or not”

() – They don’t fear competition! Even gold medalists, Laure and Florent Manaudou have accepted the challenge of Amazon Prime Video in “Celebrity Hunted”. The siblings teamed up to evade authorities for ten days. They told us about their preparation as champions and explained how this run was beneficial to them. An Olympic team which wins the gold medal of the most touching duo, to discover this 29 October. Dating.

Did you hesitate to participate in “Celebrity Hunted”?

Laure Manaudou: I was the one who was approached since I knew someone with whom I had already worked before, who had contacted me to do this show and I found it super cool like concept. He told me to suggest it to my brother. Something I did, knowing that when I was told about it, I was seven months pregnant, I believe. So I didn’t necessarily have the shooting dates yet. But if it’s gonna be six, eight months after giving birth, it’s gonna be cool.

Eventually it turned out that it was only two months later. So Flo knew about it. It was more Flo, suddenly, who was motivated because I had difficulty in projecting myself. I had planned to breastfeed and stay with my baby. And then, after a while, I said yes, I want to do it. I also want to leave my home and do something other than being a mom, so it allowed me to get away from it all. And then inevitably to do it with Flo, I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else.

Is your spirit of champion and Olympic champion helped you?

Laure Manaudou: Both of us don’t like losing so I think so. We did this to try to go to the end and the fact of having the same personality and being very posed, very calm, that may seem a little weird in the images that we had all in. hour because we walk and we are going to eat, but we wait to see the rest because we also ran. And so, it was not easy.

How did you prepare your run?

Florent Manaudou: We first made the places where we had a little connections, close to our parents, close to my sister’s friends to Bordeaux, Arcachon basin towards Marseille at home. In Paris, we also knew a few people, so we went around the people to whom we could go or at least have help. And little by little, we did a little more detail, so we prepared a little like that.

I prepared almost the entire run because Laure was not too available at the time and I had a lot of connections too, apart from the slightly Bordeaux part, so it was quite easy for me. And afterwards, when we really got on the run, it’s true when we learned things that we hadn’t thought of, that happened so we had to do a little bit from day to day.

What did you learn from this adventure?

Laure Manaudou: Well me, I didn’t learn anything about myself. I learned that I was always so calm and always relaxed, that we always got along as well, that we didn’t necessarily need to talk to each other to understand each other. And then on our accomplices … We, yesterday, we saw the first two episodes and so Flo said “Ah but Camille had not told me that he had been questioned …”

Florent Manaudou: Yeah! It really is a scale, Camille.

Laure Manaudou: So it’s true that it’s good to also see what happened next, whether it be at the level of the investigators or our accomplices because it happens, we were balanced and we are not not even aware.

Florent Manaudou: We will be able to know who we can trust or not. That’s right. That was the point of making this game.

What have you missed the most during these 10 days on the run?

Florent Manaudou, turning to Laure Manaudou: It’s your children, you.

Laure Manaudou: Me, they are my children. So I have three and it’s true that leaving like that for 10 days, it did me a lot of good. It’s always this ambivalence where as soon as you are away from home, you want to see them and then as soon as you are at home, you want to leave. But it did me a lot of good anyway to get away from home. So me, it’s my children.

Florent Manaudou: I was also a child.

Laure Manaudou:

Florent Manaudou: I have no children, but I have a friend who is Danish and it is true that we do not see each other very often so the the only way we can communicate is Facetime, etc. So it was a little bit complicated for 10 days. I had warned her, but there it was, it was a runaway. We had to play along and it was still nice not to have this slave that we have in our hand, still almost six hours a day, so it was still good. It was relaxing at that level.

Did you feel good not having your phone anymore?

Florent Manaudou: We always have messages that we are not going to answer, but we feel obligated … Everyone has their phone at least once a day in their hand, so sometimes we leave it hanging out a bit. There, at least we had a good excuse to say “No, no, I didn’t read your message”.

Celebrity: advantage or disadvantage for adventure?

Laure Manaudou: Me, I think it helped us. In any case, we did not find ourselves facing people who did not want to help us. So I have always said to myself, living with someone who makes music, I immediately saw the difference that people …

Florent Manaudou: He makes music ? Saltimbanque?

Laure Manaudou: People have a lot more respect for athletes than for artists. Anyway, the person I live with. It’s true that we felt supported each time and we had no problem with refusal.

Florent Manaudou: No, it’s true that when you are a little little known, a little bit famous, you have a capital of sympathy with people and I think that you are athletic, it’s even more because you bring happiness and extreme emotions over a short period of time. time. When I watch sports, when I watch the world of football. The France team, when they score a goal, it gives me a lot of emotions. And people, generally, thank us for the emotions that we give them and suddenly, they have a capital of sympathy, even without knowing us and they have the impression of knowing us and, of what we release, in any case. I hope, we have the impression that we have friends of their own and suddenly, they are super nice to us. And that’s nice.

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