Launch in America of a streaming platform dedicated to French cinema

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(AFP) – Despite the abundance of streaming platforms, an entrepreneur decided to create a new one, dedicated to French cinema, for Francophile and Francophone expatriates North America in need of Gabin and Camille Cotin.

The new service, called Cinessance, landed Tuesday on the internet, in the United States and Canada, with a catalog of 100 films to begin with, from Claude Sautet to the latest Cédric Klapisch via the animated film Kirikou or even Taxi for lovers of made in France action.

Clément Monnet, the founder of the company, had this idea because he was “frustrated” not to easily find French films on existing platforms, in particular to show them to his American wife.

And he thinks beyond expats like him – he’s been living in the San Francisco area since 2015 – there is a market to take.

“France is the second largest export producer of films in the world, in theaters, behind the United States. In North America alone, there are 14 millions of tickets for French films sold in cinemas on average each year “,

“We see that French cinema is popular but there is no easy path for classics and recent films. However, it is a captive market, these consumers do not have access to La Cinetek or myCanal. “

To meet its costs, the platform needs 30 times more users than she has movies – that’s 3. 000 0 subscribers to begin with, a figure that Clément Monnet intends to reach from the very first months.

Market saturation, with the leader and veteran Netflix , Disney + and its inexhaustible catalogs or even Amazon’s Prime Video service, does not worry him.

“People keep their subscription to at least one generalist platform, and more and more they take a complementary subscription to another service, a little cheaper and more targeted “, he assures, citing for example Shudder for the horror films or Viki for the Korean dramas (bought by Rakuten) .

Fans will be able to subscribe to Cinessance for 6, 69 dollars per month or 69, 99 dol lars per year. Clément Monnet plans to expand his bookstore to more than 1. 000 0 titles from here 2023, and also negotiates rights for television series.

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