La Tannerie awaits its public for its reopening

the essential The concert hall reopens its doors to the public on Wednesday October, an event tinged with impatience and uncertainty for the La Tannerie team.

After months of being closed to the public, La Tannerie will return to concerts, but will the public be there?

anyway with great caution that Patrice Poingt and his team have concocted the programming of this fall recovery. “We were supposed to have Daoud, from Toulouse on Thursday 21 October, but we couldn’t afford to bring him in, we don’t know if the public will be there, ”says the coordinator of La Tannerie. Performance halls are struggling to refuel.

“The culture has not set out again”, he laments, the fault of the confinement which would have, according to the piano teacher, profoundly modified the habits of the French. “I was also well in slippers, I almost did not resume,” he admits. But the passion for music was stronger.

An improved hall

After months of closure, the public will find a revised and corrected Tannery. The closure was, in fact, an opportunity to carry out some work in the room. The fabric benches have given way to red armchairs, more traditional, “more suitable for the Covid too”, specifies Patrice Poingt. The reception conditions for artists have also been improved according to the latter. A Tannery 2.0 that the double bass player Mayu and the trumpeter Daoud were able to discover, who came to talk about jazz with students from Félix-Aunac college this Monday morning. “Our career is on standby at the moment, fortunately, we have the teaching”, assures the Toulouse trumpeter.

The health crisis was not without consequences for its activities. But the latter has rebounded. “I went from 1000 to 6200 followers on Instagram,” he says. For the first time, concerts were experienced, from a distance, from the comfort of our sofas, but today, culture needs spectators to find their way back to the halls. The college students, for many, set foot there for the very first time, but to see how they hit them on the ground, to the rhythm of “There is no greater love”, performed by the duo of musicians, there is a safe bet that it will not be the last …

“We hope to have sown a seed in you”, as Mayu launches it to the assembly of young spectators. “Then, our job for us, music teachers, is to breathe on the embers of passion for music. We blow and blow and then Boom ”, proclaims Daoud, mimicking the spark, emerging in the hollow of his hands.

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