Koh-Lanta, the legend: with a new victory, Claude amazes internet users

the essential Two candidates left “Koh-Lanta: the legend” at the end of the episode broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1. Claude once again excelled in the above and below water events.

A week ago in “Koh-Lanta: the legend”, the adventurers were divided between two mixed teams, the yellow (the Lanta-Naï) and the red (the Korok). Maxime, considered too close to the girls and not active enough in the camp, had been eliminated. Directed to the island of the banished, from the start of the episode broadcast this Tuesday evening, Maxime won a test with pucks. A first place that allows him to stay on this hostile island. Ugo the Catalan saved his place, Karima was eliminated from the adventure.

Evening comfort test: the sloth. Objective: stay as long as possible suspended above the water feet and arms wrapped around a log. A game in which Claude left his mark with 2 victories in the past and a record time of 3 hours 11 in 120. The yellow Coumba fell first after 6 minutes. Once again, Claude stayed the longest in the lazy position by pulverizing his record: 3 hours 47 without moving!

An incredible performance hailed by many Internet users.

The immunity test was collective. It consisted in bringing back in relay and in apnea nine stones hung on buoys then in duo and always in relay a stone block of 120 kg. The candidates for this special “Koh-Lanta” have all been successful. But the yellows were the strongest in particular Claude and Coumba.

The feminine alliance explodes among the reds

With the collective victory of the yellows, the candidate eliminated from the council had to be part of the red event composed of four women and four men. But who to eliminate? What strategy to adopt? Eliminate a boy on the girls’ side, but which one? Impossible for the group of girls to come to an agreement. Among the boys, a candidate to be eliminated was unanimous: Clémentine.

For Alexandra, the alliance between girls is more and more burdensome. She will therefore confide in Laurent to reveal to him – or to confirm to him – this feminine alliance, to ask for his protection and to have confirmation that the boys wanted to eliminate Clémentine. Alexandra then confides in the other boys.

“For me, a strong woman is someone who fights hardships and who proves that she can be at the level of a man.”

With four votes against her – against two for Laurent and two for Jade – Clémentine was finally eliminated from “Koh-Lanta: the legend”. Alexandra explained to Clémentine at the end of the count: “I realized that the girls’ strategy didn’t suit me. At the beginning on paper, it looked nice (…) but for me, a strong woman is someone who fights hardships and who proves that she can be at the level of a man “.

The end of the counting gave rise to a powerful settling of scores between Alix and Jade, the Toulousaine treating Alix as a “weather vane”. The women’s alliance among the reds has definitely exploded.

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