Koh-Lanta the legend: surprise elimination of Alexandra, Clémence l'Ariégeoise leaving the council

the essential Two adventurers had to leave “Koh-Lanta, the legend” at the end of the episode broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1. Sam was able to live a daydream with his hero Teheiura.

A week after the elimination of Coumba and Namadia, refugees on the island of the banished, the two friends had to clash in the arena. The test consisted, using eleven wooden pieces, to form a continuous wave. Coumba was the fastest and remains on the Island of the Outcast while Namadia has gone to the final jury’s residence.

On the reunited island, the adventurers had to shoot archery for the test of the game of comfort. With a well-known mechanic with each shot: the best placed candidate had to break the arrow of the adventurer of his choice before the next round. As in 2020, Sam proved to be the best by winning five salvos. Sam, Claude and Teheiura found themselves in the best positions, as in “Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes”. In the final Sam / Teheiura duel, the final victory went to Teheiura. He won a night in a motu with plenty of food, a movie night with popcorn and a phone call to his family.

And since he was able to choose the candidate of his choice to accompany him, he asked Sam to accompany him. The opportunity for Teheiura to relive the memories of her childhood. Sam, whose hero Teheiura is, lived “a daydream”. The two friends had dinner sitting without the water and watched a summary of their adventures in “Koh-Lanta”. Teheiura was then able to speak to his wife and his four children who remained near Béziers. Sam called his parents. A moment that amused Internet users.

For the individual immunity test, the candidates had to show dexterity: make a pole with pieces of wood and string in order to be able to recover three rings. With a penalty to the key: an immediate elimination for the last. Ugo the Catalan was the fastest, Alexandra the slowest. The winner of “Koh-Lanta, the 4 lands” – who did not expect to leave so soon – has in turn joined the island of the banished.

Alix does not keep his word

Before the council, two names came up most often: Clémence and Alix. While a trend seemed to emerge against Alix, it was finally Clémence, winner twice of “Koh-Lanta, who was eliminated with 7 votes against 5 for Alix. The Ariégeoise was necessarily disappointed:” J ‘ve lived the adventure I wanted to live, I held on as best I could and I absolutely do not regret being there “.

While Clémence had given her amulet to Alix to allow her to stay in the game, last week, Alix still voted against Clémence on Tuesday evening, contrary to her word.

Next week, the ten adventurers will face the test of bound fates with two new kills.

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