Koh-Lanta the legend: “Physically, it's really complicated”, admits the Bittérois Teheiura

the essential Teheiura Teahui, the Polynesian living near Béziers, is still racing in “Koh-Lanta the legend”. He confided in La Dépêche before the reunification of the adventurers on Tuesday evening.

Ten years after her first participation in “Koh-Lanta”, Teheiura Teahui participates in the season of the twentieth anniversary of the adventure game. With sixteen trial victories, he holds the record for the number of days of survival with 103 days in the game. We interviewed him a few hours before the episode aired. the reunification of the teams and the meeting of ambassadors.

What was your state of mind before reunification while filming?

What is certain is that when we are not an ambassador, we are not really master of our destiny. So I was necessarily a little feverish when the yellows chose Laurent. But there is no choice. You had to trust them.

Laurent, is it a good choice of ambassador?

Yes, at least for the boys. We had decided to go as much as possible between boys at the end. As at the beginning, we were separated between girls and boys, we suspected that the girls were going to do something, so we said to ourselves to do something too. With Laurent, we were reassured. And then we also chose Phil based on that.

And the choice of Phil?

Yes, it is a good choice. He told me that he wanted to be an ambassador when it was a matter of comfort together. It was stuck in the back of my mind. I told myself that we had to give it a chance too.

Are you satisfied with your journey in “Koh-Lanta” so far?

It’s hard, it’s very hard physically, but yes, I had an almost flawless course in the team. Except at the very beginning where I fished a little and where Sam was there to help me! But yes physically it’s really complicated.

Is it harder than your other Koh-Lanta?

Of all my seasons, in such a short time, yes. From the first week, I already felt the difference. Even adventure buddies, between boys, we could feel the difference. At the start of the adventure, we did not have all the comforts we usually had, such as the saucepan, the fishing kit that arrives a week later. And then the tests are up to the legend of “Koh-Lanta”, it is very strong.

What’s your secret to being this strong after all these years?

I prepared myself much better physically. Mentally too. I knew that for the birthday of “Koh-Lanta”, there would be heavy. I said to myself: “Prepare yourself thoroughly”. I was doing four hours of sport per week whereas before I only did one hour. I was really physically ready. There was no choice.

Have other candidates surprised or amazed you this season in the trials?

I expected there to be good people. Freddy was really prepared but he got injured. Claude is still present as usual. Namadia gave her whole body on one of the tests. Everyone has been impressive, both girls and boys.

There are four candidates from the Occitania region before reunification: Clémence, Jade, Ugo and you. We have good champions in the region!

Yes, yes, the South is well represented, of course. So much the better, it’s good!

You are a role model for Sam. He repeats it often. How do you feel to be a role model for him?

It’s always flattering to be able to be an example. Since I have been known, I have liked to set a good example and when young people try to go in the right direction, it is mission accomplished for me. I am very touched by Sam’s words but now he has to stop: he too has become a legend and a great adventurer today.

You became friends, your name is?

Yes, we kept very good contact, of course.

What is your daily life since your return to metropolitan France: have you taken back your food-truck?

I resumed the food-truck season on my return after a few weeks of rest because I was really classified physically! The food truck has turned out well this season. I only do the spring / summer season. Now I have more time to take care of the children, do team building, do book signings. I took up canoeing again in Béziers and we just finished a regional competition, near Montauban, to see the level. It’s ok, I expected worse!

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