Koh-Lanta the legend: “My return to the game will be an opportunity to fold the cards”, says Ariégeoise Clémence Castel

the essential Isolated on the island of the banished, the Ariégeoise Clémence Castel will succeed in reintegrating the adventure in “Koh-Lanta, the legend”. She will participate in the meeting of ambassadors for the reunification of the teams.

Saved thanks to an immunity collar, eliminated and sent to the island of the banished, Clémence will be able to continue the adventure in “Koh-Lanta, the legend”. With Ugo, the Catalan candidate, she will return to the game in the episode broadcast this Tuesday evening on TF1.

What state of mind were you in for reunification during the filming?

Very happy to be back in the game. I had a very chaotic start to the adventure. I was delighted to have a second chance. I wanted to have a second wind in this adventure. I had spent the first part of the adventure trying to save myself from the various votes that were against me. I had felt in danger from day one. Being part of the ambassadors, I told myself that I finally had the cards in hand to try to direct my adventure and not suffer it anymore.

To play the ambassadors – we will find out this evening – did you play your role to the full?

I tried to take into account what had happened with both the yellows and the reds and give my opinion based on what might have happened. There were four of us at the ambassadors, the four of us had the opportunity to give our opinion and take a stand.

When you were eliminated, when you came across the signs that gave you the possibility to leave “Koh-Lanta” or to stay in the adventure, what did you think about?

It was a real surprise. But I made my decision very quickly as it was really a chance to participate in these twenty years. I said the last time that it was my last Koh-Lanta in 2018 and that I wanted to stay on a victory. I decided to go on an adventure. I wanted to play my card hard. I thought it was way too early to go home.

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Looking back, was Coumba’s “girl power” strategy the right one?

At the time, it was a strategy that reassured me since I had already been in danger on the girls’ camp. I knew that potentially the boys had my sights on me too from my previous victories. I agreed with that alliance. For my part, I tried to respect as much as possible my word to go to the end of my commitment to the girls. Other girls did not have this opinion and decided to break this alliance before reunification. I have no regrets about this alliance. I did not betray the word I gave at that time. In my various Koh-Lanta, I have always made a point of not betraying my commitments. My return to the game may be the occasion to turn the cards down and why not make other alliances …

Is this Koh-Lanta harder than the previous ones in which you participated?

Clearly, yes. Again because I was in danger from the start. It was the hardest start to my adventure, but it was also the most beautiful. I have never ceased to find solutions to save myself. I found an immunity collar that I played at the right time. I managed to save myself in the arena. And given my adventure, it was already a victory to achieve reunification.

Have other candidates surprised or amazed you in this “Koh-Lanta, the legend”?

I must say that to make the adventure with a Claude by his side, it is impressive. I knew he was a very strong adventurer but when you have him next to you, in the events it’s rather practical, he has helped us win some important events, and in the camp he is very active. He doesn’t stop for a second. He does everything to gain comfort, food, he goes fishing, it is often the first to get up and the last to stand. He impressed me.

Since the end of the shooting, what is your daily life?

I was already delighted to find mine, my children and my partner. We regain a taste for the finer things in life: slept in a bed, take a shower every day. For a month and a half, two months, we are still on our little cloud and our head remains on the island. Afterwards, you have to resume a normal life, the rhythm with the children. I have had a café-concert in Cherbourg since 2010 and a month ago I opened a nightclub with my partner. It surprises people a bit because I have an image in Koh-Lanta of someone quite discreet – which I really am – I do a lot of sports, I have a very healthy life, and besides that I have a professional activity in the middle of the night. One does not prevent the other. You have to manage personnel, accounting, have ideas … These are things that fascinate me where I really flourish.

You are from Ariège: will you be coming back soon?

It will be at Christmas. Usually we come on All Saints’ Day. There it will not be the case as we have just opened an establishment. At Christmas, we will come back to Tarascon-sur-Ariège for at least a week and with the children we come back three or four times a year. It’s important to see my family, my parents, my brother, my sister, my grandparents in the Tarn, I have a very close family around me. It is always a pleasure to find the Ariège mountains and to go hiking and skiing in Ariège.

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