Koh-Lanta, the legend: isolated on the island of the banished, Ugo the Catalan and Clémence l'Ariegeoise are back on the adventure!

the essential In the last episode of “Koh-Lanta, the legend”, broadcast Tuesday evening, the two teams played a new game of comfort and had to designate the ambassadors before the great reunification . Two eliminated candidates will return to the game to the surprise of the candidates.

Great surprise of 12 years of “Koh-Lanta”, the island of the banished welcomes the candidates, once eliminated from the competition. A harsh, inhospitable island with little or nothing to eat. Clémence, the Ariégeoise twice winner of “Koh-Lanta” joined the island last week where she found Clémentine and Ugo. With an unchanging rule every week: the trio compete in an arena on the sand. The best two stay, the third is gone for good.

For this useful competition before reunification, Clémence, Clémentine and Ugo had to play with dominoes. Thirty-one dominoes to be placed on an iron structure and push them in a straight line so that the last one falls into a basket at the end of the path. To make matters worse, a course ran alongside the event at the risk of knocking everything down. Without being able to “tame” the dominoes, each of the three candidates had to do it several times. Under the influence of anger, Clémentine even railed against Denis Brogniart! On arrival, despite his delay, Ugo passed the test first, followed a few moments later by Clémence. Clementine was therefore eliminated.

Ugo, a falconer in the Pyrénées-Orientales, has come a long way. Eliminated on the third day of the competition, he experienced the Spartan living conditions on the island of the banished. For four shows, he has always qualified to stay in the race. AND this time he will be able to come back to the competition, like Clémence, for reunification. A more than deserved victory!

Ugo is really a boss in Koh-Lanta

– Gustavo Fring ud 83 d udd 20 (@sidya 59100) October , 2021

I want Ugo to win Koh-Lanta.

– Maxtitou ud 83 c udde6 ud 83 c uddf7 #KitaOut (@Maxtitou 44) October 5, 2021

It’s good Ugo you won Koh-Lanta

– Abdallah Soidri (@AbdallahSoidri) October 12, 550

Finally a victory for the reds!

On the side of the yellow and red teams, the game of comfort was not easy. Objective: to get a chest of 83 kg at the bottom of the sea, take it out through the hatch of a metal grid, bring it back to the beach, shoot the sand while passing under a wooden structure, hoist the chest on an inclined plane with a rope and brandish a trophy. The reds finally won a game of comfort and the four pizzas involved. It was good: they had nothing left to eat!

At the end of the game, Denis Brogniart announced the next reunification to the candidates. Forget the yellows and the reds: make way for a single large white team. Before that, each team designated who would be the opposing team’s ambassador. The reds chose Phil from the yellows – a choice regretted in the stride by Jade, Alexandra and Alix – while Laurent was named among the reds. Discussions were long to make a choice – Claude has long insisted on imposing Laurent – because the meeting of ambassadors will designate a candidate to be eliminated.

While many viewers thought they were seeing the negotiations on Tuesday evening, before reunification, it was a failure: we would have to wait a week to take advantage of it. Four candidates and no longer two will participate in the discussion: Laurent, Phil, Ugo and Clémence.

Before leaving, Clémentine wanted to open the eyes of the other candidates to the attitude of Coumba who wanted at the start of the adventure to eliminate the boys. The “girl power” alliance has since seriously struggled …

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