“Koh-Lanta: the Legend”: candidate Karima says “does not recognize herself” and accuses the production of the show

the essential Candidate for the new season of Koh-Lanta, Karima attacked the production of the show to denounce a montage that does not put it to her advantage. For its part, the company Adventure Line Productions claimed that there was no “anti-Karima cabal”.

“I can’t recognize myself”. Karima Neggaz, the 30-year-old candidate from Koh-Lanta, directly attacked the production of the show this Tuesday 14 September. The very day of the broadcast of the fourth episode of the new show, the soldier posted a video on social networks in which she points to the editing of the images of the production against her.

“I have a question for the production: where are the images where I laugh? Because we only see Karima like that, denounces the candidate by mimicking a frown. But Karima is not always like that”. Karima Neggaz affirms that she does not understand: “And if I cannot recognize myself, it is because there is a problem”.

“No anti cabal -Karima “

For its part, the company Adventure Line Productions replied to the candidate through Télé-Loisirs . “The character of Karima that appears on the screen is hers in the adventure and it is not the editing that shows it, maintains Julien Magne, the producer of the show at TF1. Just watch the first episode and the reactions of some of the girls. Their words and their way of perceiving Karima, they lived it, there was no editing in there. We only relate this point of view of certain adventurers, on its hard side, which puts pressure blows “.

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The producer persists and signs: according to him there is “neither darling nor pet peeve”, and the production of the assembly was carried out “without any will to harm”. Julien Magne returns to the participation of the soldier in the show in 2015, considering that she had not then complained about the editing. “There is no anti-Karima cabal. After, obviously, a program is three days of shooting. Karima was not tense H 24 but that’s what explained his elimination and his arrival in the arena “.

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