Koh-Lanta the legend: back from the island of the banished “it's a new adventure that begins” for the Perpignanais Ugo Lartiche

the essential After 15 days on the island of the banished, Ugo Lartiche will finally find the rest of the tribe on the occasion of reunification on Tuesday . Maintenance.

Eliminated after three days by the boys’ team, Ugo experienced extreme survival on the island of the banished, new to this Koh-Lanta legendary edition. He will be able to return to the competition after winning the ultimate test on this inhospitable island, but he will have to play a special role …

How do you feel now that you will finally be able to return to the adventure after being on the Island of the Outcast for so long?

I am very tired… ! I feel like someone who has achieved the goal he was looking for a long time, these two weeks seemed very long to me. But I am also very happy with the journey accomplished, it is quite amazing to have reached this point, it is a new adventure that is starting for me!

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How were these two weeks on this inhospitable island?

It was really very unlikely as a situation. I was coming back to Koh-Lanta to play as a team and I found myself all alone, accompanied by other eliminated adventurers with whom I was competing.

Koh-Lanta without team, without comfort, it’s completely new. It was really very complicated without food, fishing kit or whatever. I have rarely faced such harsh survival conditions. So I am very happy to leave this island, it was a kind of hell in paradise.

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It will do me good to find the other adventurers, to be able to discuss, not to have to watch over the fire all the time, etc.

You have been appointed surprised ambassador for the reunification to be held on Tuesday, how do you approach this role, after having been away from strategies for so long?

It’s very complicated because there are a lot of candidates in the adventure that I haven’t met at all, especially the girls. And even on the boys’ side, I only spent three days with them … The only information I have comes from the people eliminated, it kind of gives me the impression that it is a war that is being played out in this moment. I have the feeling that everyone has come to play their game to the fullest. Coming back to the game scares me a bit because previously I wasn’t very good at strategy, so I have to adapt!

I wonder what my place can be in this key moment of reunification, especially with this role of surprise ambassador. I keep a little distance, but I know that I will have to give my opinion. I plan to watch and listen a lot. It’s really going to be a balancing act because I can’t come up saying loud and clear “Push you, I’m coming!”, But I still have to find my place and not let go. Koh-Lanta is a very social game, almost politics.

Anyway, I still want to discover it as much and I feel carried by all the messages of encouragement that I receive from the viewers that I want to thank for their kindness.

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