Koh-Lanta, the legend: amazement after the elimination of Teheiura, victim of the votes against Christelle

the essential The adventurers of “Koh-Lanta” competed in pairs in the episode broadcast Tuesday evening. The candidates chose to eliminate Christelle who dragged Biterrois Teheiura into her downfall.

History repeats itself in “Koh-Lanta”. In “Koh-Lanta: the island of heroes” in 2020, Teheiura had been eliminated during the episode of the linked destinies in which the candidates contest the tests by of them. He even forgot to take out his immunity collar to save his skin. Once again, this Tuesday evening, it is in the episode of linked destinies that Teheiura, the candidate from Polynesia who lives near Béziers, had to leave the adventure in spite of himself.

For the comfort game, the draw had designated five pairs: Loïc and Ugo, Sam and Jade, Teheiura and Christelle, Phil and Alix, Claude and Laurent. The adventurers had to dive into a pool of mud to be able to fill a bucket, make balls of mud mixed with coconut and aim at a weather vane to spin it so that it unscrews and falls. A test of speed and skill. Phil and Alix finished first. The reward ? An evening and a night on an island with food and a dance party. Enough to recharge the batteries.

Coumba shocked Internet users

During this time on the island of the banished, Clémence the candidate of Ariège joined Coumba and Alexandra. Coumba, who cannot digest her elimination and resents Clemence to death, exclaimed on her arrival: “Justice! Today is justice! She fired me like shit, she is here today” . Coumba did not want to speak and acted as if she did not exist. An attitude strongly criticized by Internet users.

# Kholanta coumba . Shame on his behavior. She has the right to eliminate leniency. But clemency does not have the right to eliminate it. Funny coumba value. The competition yes the lack of respect no. I’m happy with your release

– angelucette (@angelucette) November 2, 2021

In the arena event, the three women competed in the next event. They had to hold horizontally with a rope a table located several meters away and superimpose six pieces of wood on it without letting them fall. Hyper concentrated, Alexandra won the event with a cry of rage. Coumba and Clémence were definitively eliminated. Coumba even expressed his joy at being eliminated at the same time as his “executioner”. The two candidates will join the residence of the final jury.

Winning two, losing two

As for the adventurers still in competition, the rule was clear. The candidate eliminated from the council would drag his or her partner down. For the immunity test, one pair had to guide the other by voice while the other walked blindfolded into nature to retrieve three rings. And what a test! Several candidates collided head-on while running, others were shouting to make themselves heard like Sam who lost his voice while guiding Toulouse Jade who did not hear him.

Loïc and Ugo the Catalan won the event. Sam and Jade finished last. “How we can be so bad”, railed the Toulousaine. Sanction for this pair: one vote against for each of them in the council

Close votes

When choosing which candidate to eliminate, Alix’s name often came up. Big problem: eliminating Alix was like taking Phil out who has several friendships on the island of “Koh-Lanta”. Alix decided to play a game of poker by making Laurent believe that she had found an immunity collar. Which was not true.

At the end of the count, Christelle obtained four votes against her; Jade, Alix, Phil and Sam two voices each and Laurent one voice. Christelle, the winner of “Koh-Lanta” in 2008 was therefore eliminated. And as the rule of this episode wanted, she led her partner in her fall, the Biterrois Teheiura. Like two years ago.

Teheiura every time when there are pairs it’s terrible I’m disgusted #KohLanta

– Out of Context Koh Lanta ud d uddff (@KohLanta_OOC) November 2, 2021

We all hope that Teheiura will give us a masterclass like Ugo on the island of the banished #KohLanta

– Follower of KL (@Suiveur_de_KL) November 2, 2021

But the adventures of Teheiura c are parts of Jumanji! The guy is stuck at a level that he cannot exceed #KohLanta

-? Ud 83 c udffeAtchouum? ud 83 c udffe (@UneShelbyy) November 2, 2021

Next week, Teheiura and Christelle will join Alexandra on the Island of the Outcast to keep one last chance to get back into the game during the orienteering event.

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