Koh-Lanta the legend: after the failure of the alliance of girls, “it's very complicated to be in the minority” confides Toulouse Jade Handi

the essential La Toulousaine Jade Handi has succeeded in reaching the stage of the reunification of this Koh-Lanta, the legend, which will be held on Tuesday 19 October. Between alliance of failed girls, strategy and negotiation of ambassadors, the candidate confides “never to have lived an adventure like that”. Maintenance.

Alongside Jade, the other three candidates from Occitanie, Ugo, Clémence and Teheiura, will all be present at the reunification to be held in the program broadcast on Tuesday 19 October.

How do you see the negotiation between the ambassadors Laurent and Phil?

I’m not really relaxed, we are always stressed in these moments because we know what is going on. Since Laurent is more on Alix’s side and he wouldn’t put a boy’s name, it might fall on me, so there is always that hint of concern. But he also said he wouldn’t put the name of a red one and I know he has the qualities to convince people. Especially since Laurent and Phil have already had an adventure together so Laurent knows him well, he should know how to control him especially since he has much less grip than him.

The fact that the two ambassadors are men shows that the boys want to gain the upper hand and want to avoid it being a girl. It puts us a little on the spot because we can imagine that they will perhaps prefer boys …

What strategy do you have in mind as we approach reunification? Has the failure of the girl-to-girl strategy weakened their place in the adventure?

Reunification promises to be complicated. We will have to go quickly to ally with the right people and try to go as far as possible. I am very happy to find Coumba and Christelle again because I know that we can be allies later, but we will also have to convince the boys so as not to end up in the minority again.

We will have to gauge everything, trying to rally boys too to save themselves, because it is clear that the girls’ alliance no longer exists … Since Clémentine’s departure, the context has changed and it does not matter. It came as no surprise that Coumba and Christelle made the choice to eliminate Clémence. The adventure, we do it for ourselves. Coumba must have wondered what would be the point of sacrificing his friendship for Claude when the girls’ alliance could not be maintained …

How do you feel in this Koh Lanta, the legend?

Emotionally it is very difficult. I have never experienced an adventure like this. The pressure of strategy is very present! As all adventurers are deserving and very strong, it is not really a question of trials, but rather of alliances and agreements.

You have to be very good on this point and it is true that in my previous adventures, the choices were quite natural, we eliminated the less talented adventurers, the black sheep who held back the team. It forces me to learn on the job because it’s not really my field …

It seems particularly complicated for the girls because after the failure of our alliance, we found ourselves in the minority and we had to really fight to find our place.

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