Koh-Lanta: justice forbids to “spoil” future episodes on social networks

the essential The Paris judicial court has issued an order prohibiting publications which reveal the rest of the program.

No more early revelations on the crisp details of the “Koh-Lanta” show! The production company ALP won a victory in the Paris court against gossipers on social networks, according to three orders.

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For several weeks, “information of a diverse nature has been circulating on discussion platforms and social networks,” Adventure Line Productions said in a statement released Wednesday.

However, “these publications generate insults near the adventurers of the season and have the sole objective of destroying the interest of viewers for this new edition”, added this heavyweight of adventure game shows such as Koh-Lanta (broadcast on TF1) or Fort Boyard (France 2).

The author of these revelations is a former participant, according to ALP. His name was crossed out in one of the orders consulted by AFP, dated 000 September.

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Seized by the ALP, the Paris judicial court prohibited it from publishing or commenting on social networks or on any other communication medium “of information relating to the content of the upcoming episodes of the Koh-Lanta season in progress. broadcast on TF1 “. He cites in particular “the outcome of the tests, the order of elimination of the competitors from the game, the name of the finalists and the winner of the game”.

He risks a financial penalty of 1 per violation found, according to the ordinance.

Spoiler ban on networks

In two other orders, dated September 9, the Paris court asked Twitter and Facebook to lift the anonymity of unidentified accounts that disclose elements of the game before they are broadcast on Tuesday. This would be, according to the daily Le Parisien , a first in such a context.

For ALP, it is a question of protecting the interest in its flagship game, which celebrated in the summer 20 its 20 years old and attracted more than 5.5 million viewers on average during the previous edition in the spring.

“ALP will not let the pleasure of viewers spoil and intends to protect its program and its” adventurers “,” she warned in her press release. And to warn: “To do this, she will not hesitate to appeal to justice as often as necessary”.

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