Koh-Lanta: following the scandal caused by the exclusion of Teheiura, Denis Brogniart takes the floor

the essential Following the scandal caused Tuesday evening by the exclusion of Teheiura from Koh-Lanta, Denis Brogniart took the floor.

Tuesday evening, Teheiura, emblematic candidate of Koh-Lanta, was excluded from the show for cheating. Twice he received food from local fishermen. However Koh-Lanta, which is a game of survival, strictly forbids it.

The sequence created controversy. As soon as the latter was broadcast, Teheiura published an open letter on social networks to explain. “Torn by hunger, I could not resist, the temptation was too strong”, he wrote.

Faced with the controversy, TF1 published a tweet to remind that “the show remains a game and that insults, threats and hateful messages against the candidates do not have to be”. Denis Brogniart has also, via a video posted on Twitter, try to calm things down. “Koh-Lanta is a game, extremely difficult. It is the most complex game on television (…) No one can imagine what the difficulty of Koh-Lanta is,” he explained. “I think that for Teheiura, it was a form of relief that I came to see him, so that we put an end to this moment of bewilderment”.

A few hours later, Denis Brogniart spoke again, this time via an open letter. “Know that our interview where you admit to me this breach of the rules and where we decide to sanction you remains a painful moment during which you spoke to me with great frankness, without ever shirking your responsibilities”, he said including writing.

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