Koh-Lanta: Denis Brogniart defends the candidates “attacked” on social networks

the essential The TF1 television channel defends the candidates of the Koh-Lanta show, in a message published this Tuesday 26 on October on Twitter . The host, Denis Brogniart has also stepped up to the plate.

This Tuesday 26 October, the TF1 television channel published a tweet. She condemns the threatening and abusive comments repeated on social networks against the candidates of the Koh Lanta show. “We wanted to remind that the show remains a game and that insults, threats and hateful messages against candidates do not have to be” launches the channel.

A message taken up by the host of the show, Denis Brogniart. It is not the first time that he has defended the candidates or the show. The same day, the host had published on the networks a teaser of the show, writing “woe to the vanquished tonight during Koh-Lanta the legend. Suspense ensured with the continuation of the adventures of the reunified tribe”.

Impatient, a surfer replied “well stop doing like it’s a surprise, you do it 5 times a year in the eliminatory tests …”. Another comment that seems to annoy the host, who responds tit for tat “and then young man, it’s still a strong moment. Do not mind. Always easy criticism. Why? I would like to understand what you are doing. guide “.

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