Kidnapped teenager alerts motorist to signal learned on Tiktok

the essential A young girl of 16 years old managed to alert a motorist in Kentucky thanks to a gesture of distress learned on Tiktok. She had been missing since last week and was able to be rescued by the police.

On Tuesday, November 2, a 16 year-old girl was reported missing in Kentucky. Two days later, she managed to alert a motorist thanks to a distress signal learned on Tiktok. She was rescued by the authorities, the Laurel County Sheriff reported on Friday.

The kidnapper, aged 61, was charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement and possession of a sexual image involving a minor over 12 years, reports 20 minutes. According to Sheriff John Root, the young girl, a passenger in her kidnapper’s vehicle, made “a known hand sign on the TikTok platform to represent domestic violence and to signal ‘I need help'”. The motorist therefore warned the authorities who intercepted the vehicle at the motorway exit.

A campaign to democratize this gesture

This distress signal is carried out in two stages: you must first show your hand, with the thumb folded over the palm, then close your four fingers over the thumb. It can be repeated several times. On ABC, Sheriff John Root has also demonstrated the gesture.

The Canadian women’s foundation has also led a campaign to popularize the gesture, on Youtube and Tiktok, recalls 20 minutes. The foundation recalls that it is also important to carry out this gesture without arousing attention, given that it is becoming universal.

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