Kenya: the blood killer who “sucked the blood” of his victims lynched after his escape

the essential This Friday 15 October, Masten Milimo Wanjala was lynched by a Kenyan village. The young man was arrested on 13 July for the disappearance of two children, but had made chilling confessions on several other victims.

On 14 last July, Masten Milimo Wanjala, a young Kenyan aged 15 years old, is arrested for the disappearance of two children. After making a chilling confession, admitting to having killed at least ten people in less than five years, he is due to appear before the Nairobi court this Wednesday for the murder of two children.

Masten Milimo Wanjala, a 20 year old self-confessed serial killer escaped this morning while in police custody. An officer reporting for the morning shift found him missing from the holding cell. # HakiNaUsawa # No2Murder

– Office of The Director Of Public Prosecutions (@ODPP_KE) October 13, 2021

According to the Kenyan authorities, the killer escaped from custody, and was lynched by villagers on Friday 15 October. The crowd caught him near his home, more than 400 kilometers from the police station. The schoolchildren identified him in Bungoma. “He is from this area and the children saw and recognized him. The rumor spread and the inhabitants started to pursue him. He ended up taking refuge in a neighbor’s house but he was flushed out and lynched. “informed Bonface Ndiema, administrator of the region.

“The locals said it was him. For now, we can confirm that a man who the locals say is Masten Wanjala, who was on the run, was lynched in Bungoma,” the spokesperson for Bungoma reported, however. Bruno Shiosho police. A forensic investigation into the identity of this man will be carried out. Three police officers were arrested and presented to a judge on Thursday to answer for the accused’s flight.

“Sucked the blood from their veins “

In July, after his arrest, Masten Milimo Wanjala admitted to the murders of at least ten other people, in addition to the two children of and 13 missing years for which he had been arrested. While in police custody, he said he had “sometimes sucked the blood from their veins before executing them,” reported the Kenyan Criminal Investigation Department at the time.

His victims were drugged, then bloodless, some of them strangled according to the police. His first victim was a year old girl kidnapped in Macahkos County, east of Nairobi. The bodies of several children, whose death at the hands of Wanjala is probable, have not yet been found, according to police information.

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