Joe Biden would he really “farted” during the COP26?

the essential After being seen falling asleep at the COP summit 26 last week, Joe Biden is said to have “farted”. The flatulence was reportedly heard by Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, with whom the US President was speaking briefly.

A “long and sonorous fart, impossible to ignore”. At the COP summit 26 last week, US President Joe Biden reportedly gassed “loudly” as he spoke briefly with Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess from Cornwall, a source told the Daily Mail.

A “long fart and sound, impossible to ignore ”. Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles does not recover from the particularly relaxed attitude of Joe #Biden during the little conversation she had with him at the Cop 26

– JS Ferjou (@jsferjou) November 7, 2021

While starting a conversation on climate change in Glasgow with the Duchess, the president allegedly “farted”, thus disconcerting his interlocutor. “Camilla has not stopped talking about it” reported the media source.

Already during the opening speech of the COP 26, the American president had briefly fallen asleep. A sum that had earned him mockery and criticism. He had already been nicknamed “Sleepy Joe” by former US President Donald Trump.

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