Jeff Bridges, hunk and righter of wrongs

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There are films that we had forgotten when their music is still in everyone’s mind. This is the case of “Against all odds”, by Taylord Hackford, released without much success in 1984 while it was accompanied by a huge hit, “Against all odds “(” Take a look at me now “), signed Phil Collins. When we see this film noir adapted from a Hollywood classic (“La griffe du past”), it’s the music that first captures our attention: that, instrumental, all in electronic tension, by Michel Colombier, and the bouncy one of Kid Creole & The Coconuts, used in a nightclub scene. What about the film? He takes up formulas often exploited with a man weakened by a professional failure (he has just been fired from an American football team) who tries to find a rich heiress and thereby kick in the anthill of ‘a city, Los Angeles, rotten to the bone. The realization is a bit flashy but we find there a Jeff Bridges in his youth as a handsome guy and, as a thug, a perverse James Woods at will.

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