Jean-Luc Lahaye brought before an examining magistrate for an indictment for rape of minors

the essential The singer Jean-Luc Lahaye was brought before an examining magistrate announces franceinfo.

The singer Jean-Luc Lahaye is brought before an examining magistrate for a possible indictment, announces franceinfo. The man has been in police custody for two days on suspicion of rape and sexual assault on two minors over 15 years. According to our colleagues, the singer continues to deny the facts and spoke of consensual sex between the teenage girls and him.

The singer had already been sentenced to one year in prison for bribing minors on one of the two girls in 2015. It is now understood by many leaders as Franceinfo notes: t “rape, sexual assault, corruption of minors over 15 years, l ‘fraudulent abuse of the state of weakness of these minors to lead them to harmful acts, invasion of privacy as well as the possession of child pornography images, according to a judicial source. “

If you are a witness or victim of sexual violence, you can contact 17 or 112. You can report this violence online on the site of the public service , which also offers a search engine to find a nearby police station or gendarmerie, which has an obligation to take your complaint

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