It's official: the comedian Booder left Pamiers yesterday

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There are some artists who leave an indelible memory. After playing extra time, not once but twice, artist Booder ended up leaving Pamiers, much to the dismay of his fans. In the end, no less than 900 people – on three dates while at the base, only one was planned – will have attended his show in one man show, entitled “Booder is back “, in the Jeu-du-Mail room.

Those who were present on Thursday will have a moving thought for François and Monique, two Appameans who found themselves in spite of themselves under the spotlight of an artist taking them largely to task. “I missed only two days of Ramadan and you send me François”, launches the comedian, pretending to speak to God. Opposite, everyone is hilarious. And as he had promised, at the end of each show, Booder took the time to take pictures with his fans and sign kilometers of autographs.

Simple and accessible, he adopted the same behavior in town where he spent a stay 100% local. Lunches at Coude Fou, La Bascule, a quick dinner with elected officials thanks to small dishes from the Saveur du Sud caterer or a little black at the La Poste café with a walkabout: Booder has more than playing the game. We do not forget his time on the Oxygene radio, his visit to the museum of magic and his beautiful meeting with the children of Chiva. And it will become a tradition but he too left Ariège with a beret 08 from the Sire hat shop.

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