“It will perhaps shock but yes”: Raquel Garrido says he is ready to be reconciled with Eric Zemmour

the essential Invited on CNews, Raquel Garrido said he was ready to be reconciled with Eric Zemmour. “I am very attached to the unity of the French,” she said.

This Tuesday 16 November, Raquel Garrido was the guest of Thomas Lequertier in On Can Tout Se Dire, on CNEWS. “Can you be reconciled with Zemmour,” the reporter asked him. “Yes”, replied immediately the former spokesperson for France Insoumise. “It will perhaps shock people, including those in my area, but I am very attached to the unity of the French”.

“I even have a dream, that of getting out of this presidential monarchy which rots everything (…) I dream of a constituent assembly, where we are all there, that everyone comes with their idea of ​​the right rule. The Zemmourians will come, some will say that we must keep the presidential monarchy because they believe in it, others will say ‘but no let’s put a king because I no longer believe in the Ancien Régime’ and that does not bother me. because I think we have to do it together, “she explained.

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