Intrepid jazz and cascading rhythms with the Belmondos

the essential At the Pavillon République, in Toulouse, the Belmondo brothers launched last night the 35 e Jazz sur son 31.

The 35 e Jazz sur son festival 31 started last night, at the Republic Pavilion of the departmental council, with a tribute to a guitarist from the region, Benoît Mardon, who had participated in the event several times. His group played a few songs, rather tender and dreamy, that their friend, who died of a heart attack at 53 years, loved so much. The brothers Lionel and Stéphane Belmondo, respectively on saxophones and trumpet, took over, in front of an almost complete room (472 spectators) fully committed to their cause. The famous duo nevertheless played the surprise, quickly offering the stage to their accomplices for virtuoso solos, of course, but which were able to break the charm of pieces that they quickly embarked on bushy paths. We are nonetheless amazed by the intact breath of the brothers and by the rhythmic power of Eric Legnini (piano), Sylvain Romano (double bass) and Tony Rabeson (dazzling drummer).

Fans had also taken their tickets for what was to follow, this Thursday evening, at the same Pavillon République. The ace ! Anthony Joseph had to cancel his visit for health reasons. The festival has no luck with the English since other Londoners, Nubiyan Twist, scheduled for 12 October at the Bikini in Ramonville have also withdrawn.

Coming back to today’s poster, we can still go and applaud the singer and cellist Nesrine, in quartet, at l’Escale de Tournefeuille (prices: from 15 € to 20 €) or the Old School Funky Family – very French – per room Orion de Mondonville (free) .

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