INTERVIEW. The Marseillais of Massilia Sound System in Ramonville: reggae and dirty character

the essential The papis of the Massilia Sound System are back, and they haven’t lost any of their energy and their aggressiveness. They return Thursday, November 4 to the Bikini with the album “Dirty Character”.

With their new album entitled “Dirty character”, they announce the color and play their cards on the table: they are angry and have every intention of doing it. know. Fortunately, as it is the Massilia, everything is wrapped in an urban poetry that hits the nail on the head, a disarming chat of sincerity and a sound strike force. Meeting with a singer enchanted to hit the road, Tatou.

Seven years have passed since the last album, what have you been doing all this time?

We filmed a lot… and then we were all locked up! In 2014, we released the album “Massilia” to celebrate our thirty years of career. The book came out at the same time . We didn’t want to go back to concert without news, so we got back to work on “Dirty Character”. After 37 years of existence, only envy commands. We must add to this a somewhat anxiety-provoking atmosphere, the difficulties of the Papet, whose wife was ill … In short, we wanted to get together, if only to cheer up.

Why this title: “Bad temper”?

Someone who has a bad temper, with us, it is someone who says no, who does not give way! It is in reaction to the government, which sees us as “refractory Gauls”, the gueulards. Well, perfect: open your mouth, speak loudly, react, not let yourself go, that’s what we do that we want to be free.

The texts evoke the evils of the current world: do you talk a lot about current events among yourselves?

Of course: solidarity, otherness, are what make the genius and the essence of human being, and we want to talk about that first and foremost. On this disc, we tackle the theme of migrants in “Funny fish”: we remember how, kids, we went swimming in the Mediterranean. Today, we are dying there… We wonder, with “In the headset”, on our role as an artist, on the dissolution of solidarity in the city in “On the street”, on this society which pushes us each day a little more individualism…

The songs are nevertheless very dancing, as usual…

It’s rub- classic a-dub, but we wanted to renew with drum and bass, oriental-inspired sounds… We wanted to do it in a very spontaneous, fast and direct way, a return to the roots, to the sound system with music simple and efficient: old-fashioned Massilia!

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