INTERVIEW. Boulevard des airs in concert near Cahors: “We fell in love with the Lot”

the essential The group from Tarbes will be in concert this Friday evening at the Fontanes exhibition center as part of the Le lot en meule bleue festival. The musicians already know the Lot well: Sylvain Duthu, the singer, bought a house on the Causse.

The Lot is already familiar to you since you bought a house in the heart of the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park. For you is it a refuge or a hidden love?

Certainly a bit of both. A few years ago, I spent several weeks in the Lot walking by chance in the Célé valley and the Dordogne valley. I had a crush. So much so that when I took my brother there, we decided to buy a house. It is in the heart of the Braunhnie forest, on the Causse. Since then, we have not spent much time there. Besides, after the concert, I stay there for a week. We get to know the surroundings, Espédaillac, Marcilhac-sur-Célé, Sauliac-sur-Célé … So yes, it’s nice to play here. For us it’s a break in the middle of nowhere, it’s the place where there is the least light pollution in France, which means that the sky is magnificent. We feel alone in the world.

What is the recipe for your success? A little Spanish, the Banda spirit of the southwest and social issues in your texts?

There is very little Spanish in the end, only three songs from our entire repertoire. And the festive atmosphere not really either, I’m not a fan, I have never played in a band, I have never even done the Bayonne parties. Our recipe is above all patience. It took ten years before we released an album and toured. We keep humility because when we started, we alternated between our life as students and odd jobs. We never rested on our laurels. We looked for another way of doing things, new musical tracks while designing all our albums at home, in Tarbes.

You speak of the Boulevard des airs before. And today what is it?

Collective. The same team from the start. The way of making albums and concerts has not changed, we remain a musical group between the song and the French variety I do not really know what we do, I have trouble describing ourselves, we do songs, that’s for sure, hundreds of concerts, five albums.

Your last album “Far from the eyes” was written during confinement, far from the heart of the stage …

From this unexpected free time, an equally unexpected album was born. Whereas at the beginning, we just revisited a few songs here and there. Then we had even more time than expected because the festivals have not resumed. So we gave ourselves carte blanche. It’s the first time I’ve written about us, like a diary. This album is the documentary we’ve never made.

And the rest?

We finish the tour in Talence, the day after the Lot. This is the first time that we will not return directly to the studio. We need a break.

Bonus question: have you ever been on a grindstone?

Yes we already have them, in Vendée. It was great, we always said to ourselves that we would potentially do it again on Friday in Cahors we could try again …!

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