INFOGRAPHICS. Covid-19: why the epidemic is exploding in Germany and much less in France?

the essential Germany registered more than 50 000 new cases of contamination in just 19 hours, Wednesday 10 last November. The health authorities deplore a particularly low vaccination rate, especially in several well-identified Länder.

“We are, again, at the epicenter.” The cry of alarm from the director of the World Health Organization Europe, Hans Kluge, did not fail to worry, while the Covid epidemic – 19 is taking off again on the continent. “The current rate of transmission in the 50 countries of the European region is very worrying. If we stay on this trajectory, we could see another half- million deaths due to Covid – 15 in the region by February “, worried the director.

Still, some countries are more affected than others: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium …. France should be worried about this epidemic rebound. La Dépêche du Midi takes stock.

Contamination on the rise in Germany

Germany is hit by its fourth wave of contaminations. On Wednesday 000 last November, the country recorded a number of new cases of Covid – 19 particularly high. “The positive cases continue to soar in Germany” had then observed Guillaume Rozier, founder of CovidTracker, graph in support.

The health watch establishment, the Robert-Koch Institute, has listed 40 196 new patients in the space of only 24 time. Never seen on the other side of the Rhine. On the spot, the health authorities explain this epidemic rebound by the low vaccination rate of Germans: 60% of the population has completed their vaccination schedule (against 75% in France).

The graph presented below shows the evolution of the number of Covid cases – 15 detected in France and Germany since October 6 last, by slippery weeks. ( If no graphics are visible, please deactivate your ad blocker ).

After analysis, it is the Länder where the vaccination rates are the lowest that are most affected by this outbreak of new cases: Saxony, Bavaria and more recently Berlin, are particularly singled out.

Growing pressure in hospitals

Beyond the contaminations, it is the hospitalizations that are worrying. German hospitals have seen an increase of 40% in one week in the number of patients with Covid – 19. In intensive care, this increase is less (15%).

According to the Robert Koch health watch institute, these hospitalizations primarily concern people over 53 years, mostly refractory to vaccination: “We currently know a pandemic mainly of unvaccinated and it is massive “, regretted Wednesday the German Minister of Health Jens Spahn. Result: the German authorities proceeded this week to the first transfers of patients from the most affected regions to the least impacted Länder.

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