India: man declared dead, found alive in morgue

the essential In India, a man declared dead was found alive in the morgue.

A man declared dead after a road accident in India has been found alive, still breathing but in critical condition, after spending a night in a cold room at a hospital, AFP learned on Sunday from the director of the hospital.

Srikesh Kumar, 45, was rushed to a private clinic after being hit by a motorcycle in Moradabad, east of New Delhi. Declared dead by a doctor on his arrival at the clinic, he was then taken to a public hospital for an autopsy on Friday.

“The emergency doctor examined him. He found no sign of life and therefore declared him dead,” hospital medical director Rajendra Kumar told AFP on Sunday. The body was then placed in a cold room until the family arrived, six hours later.

“When a police team and his family came to initiate the administrative procedures for the autopsy, he was found alive,” he added. The man is still in a coma. “It is nothing less than a miracle,” commented the director of the hospital. An investigation is underway to understand the diagnostic error.

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