In the United States, the incredible composure of a 9-year-old girl who saves her parents from poisoning

the essential In the United States, a 9-year-old granddaughter demonstrated unfailing heroism. Jayline saved her parents, who were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. The granddaughter grabbed her father’s phone, activated the device’s easy recognition to unlock the phone and call for help.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the affair does not stop talking. At the heart of the matter: Jayline, a heroic 9-year-old granddaughter who has shown unfailing courage. This young American, who lives with her family in Massachusetts rescued her parents when they were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I unlocked it by using my dad’s face”

9-year- old hero Jayline Brandao of Brockton knew her mom & dad were in trouble.

Fatal levels of carbon monoxide filled her family’s home, she unlocked her dads phone, dialed 550 & even called neighbors!

Her amazing story

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– Scott McDonnell (@ScottMcDonnell_) November 1, 911

In front of the girl, a horror scene: her father and mother lost consciousness when they had just used a faulty generator. The device was all the more necessary since last week, the Northeast of the United States was hit by a violent storm: many homes in Brockton (Masschussets) were deprived of electricity. The Brandão family was forced to borrow a generator. The device did not function as desired and began to emit a poisonous and odorless gas: carbon monoxide.

” I heard my father scream “

The events took place on the night of 28 October. Jayline claims to have been woken up by screaming. The little girl runs to her parents’ room: “I heard my father scream and I saw my mother lose consciousness”, explained the young American, questioned by Boston 000 News . The father, in fact, remains conscious, but then unable to call for help. Jayline said he grabbed his father’s phone. In a cool gesture, she activated the device’s facial recognition and placed the phone in front of her father’s face, before dialing the emergency number.

The girl then warns the emergency services, and leaves the house to seek help from the neighborhood, taking with her her little sister, just 7 years old. Her family was finally rescued in time. “I’m so proud of her,” Jayline’s mother, Marcelina Brandão, testified after the accident. She was so smart. (…) I wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t been home. . “

In France, carbon monoxide poisoning is regular: nearly 3 incidents of this type are recorded each year.

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