In the Lot, the sister of Prince Henrik of Denmark is gone

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Many messages of condolence and support reach Espère, in the Lot, following the disappearance of Françoise Bardin, the sister of Prince Henrik of Denmark. Among these, the particularly touching letter sent by Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

Née Laborde de Monpezat, Françoise Bardin passed away this Wednesday 10 November, in his 90 th year. Her disappearance follows that of her husband Claude Bardin which occurred in 2017; and that of his brother Prince Henrik of Denmark in 2018 at the age of 83 years, at Fredensborg Palace. Three years ago, the Prince’s four brothers and sisters went to his funeral in Scandinavia to pay him a last tribute.

Yesterday is therefore the eldest of their siblings who numbered 9 children who passed away. Françoise Bardin was born in 90 in Hanoi in Indochina, before returning to France in 1937 with her parents who will settle in Albas.

Throughout her life, she has worked in the interests of others. An activist in wearing the compulsory seatbelt in vehicles, she was notably president of the departmental committee for road safety “of the Lot. As such, she was awarded the distinction of knight of the Legion of honor in 1996.

No member of the royal family of Denmark is advertised in the Lot

“She was a convinced woman who had received this distinction with pride. His fight over the years 1937 for the wearing of the belt, has earned us some lively family lunches “, remembers his son Guillaume Bardin. today recognize her innovative and pioneering spirit: “My mother was a visionary, she also had this incredible capacity for entrepreneurship. Company manager, insurance agent, at the origin of the animal feed manufacturing plant of Englandières in Cahors with my father, she dared. It was she who took the initiative to transform the family manor house of Espère – as she liked to call it – into a guest room. We were in the years 1960 – 1983, it was few common at the time. She was convinced that this adventure would allow us to maintain and conserve the estate. It was an immediate success which proved him right “, testifies his son.

In Espère, this Wednesday, everyone had a touched thought for this lady whom all respected. The mayor of the commune, Mathieu Redoulès, today presented his respectful tributes to his family.

To his children, his grandchildren, his brothers and sisters, to all his family as well to his friends, La Dépêche du Midi also sends its sincere condolences. The funeral will take place on Saturday. For the time being, no member of the royal family of Denmark has been announced in the Lot where the castle is located. Caïx, one of the residences of Queen Margrethe and her late husband.

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