In residence at the cultural center of Villeneuve-sur-Lot, the group WAT takes care of its staging for its return

the essential Throughout the year, the Raphaël-Leygues cultural center in Villeneuve-sur-Lot welcomes artists in residence. This week, the Lot-et-Garonnais of the WAT group took over the place to work on their stage performance. They will be in concert on Friday.

They are part of these local groups which, in normal times, provide about thirty concerts a year. Through the Lot-et-Garonnaise scenes, but also throughout the region. A sustained scenic activity, which was abruptly stopped by the pandemic. Like most musical groups in the department, the WAT trio is not the type to let itself down, far from it. The month of November is beginning and their news is dense: rehearsals, concerts, release of a clip and a new album.

WAT, three letters which designate the first names of the founding members of the group. Winnie and Thibaut first, two thirty-something living in Fumel joined in 2018 by Yvon, Monflanquinois of 26 years. The three accomplices go from town to town, enlivening the public with their “soul-rock” sound. With their original compositions, they gain springboards and especially a great success with the Lot-et-Garonnais public. But in March 2020, everything stops for the WAT trio. Well, almost.

“The acting is not something innate”

“We took advantage of the confinement to compose” smiles Winnie. Cornerstone of the group, the young woman takes care of both the lyrics – with Thibaut – and the music, with the help of Yon. Stuck at home, they are nevertheless prolific in recording models. 15 titles stand out and will compose the future album of the trio. In the summer 2020, they hit the road for a few concerts, the same thing during the last summer season. The three musicians prefer to get down to their album, which they record in Lusignan-Petit, at the Tardis Studio. About fifteen songs are in the box. WAT wants to do things big, as if to professionalize itself a little more. Production of a clip with the eponymous song from this new album, “Everything to Lose”, then promotion and finally residency at the Jacques-Raphaël-Leygues cultural center in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. The trio was chosen via the “VilleneuVoix” program, which allows artists from the bastide and elsewhere to come and improve their skills for free (read opposite).

Since Tuesday, the trio has been led by Tom Buzit. Drums maestro and connoisseur of the scene, he will give them advice to improve their show. “We train to occupy the space, to communicate with the public” explains Winnie. “Performing on the stage is not something innate. Everyone learns, even professionals,” says Yvon. So they repeat, over and over, Tom observing every move and gesture to “mirror it.” The trio is full of energy, with the powerful voice of Winnie and the Dantesque rhythm imposed by the instruments of Thibaut and Yvon. Friday evening, they will play their new songs in preview in front of the villeneuvois audience, on the stage of the cultural center. History to put into practice everything they have learned during this week of residency.

After this first concert, they will return to their land, at the Pavilion 108 in Fumel. On November 6, the album’s release date, WAT will present their new titles to the Fumel audience who have been following it for years. “There will be a lot of knowledge in the room, there will be stress” announce the musicians. A first step before waiting until 2022. “We are starting to have new dates for the spring, but we are waiting for the release of the album for the festival programming in particular”. After two years on stand-by, the Lot-et-Garonnais group is restoring the watts!

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