In Love is in the meadow, the castle and Foix, land of history in the spotlight

the essential This Monday evening, Jean-François, the Ariège farmer of Love is in the meadow, was staying at 30 km from his home, in Foix, with Mélanie, his contender. A weekend placed under the sign of heritage and traditions.

“Ariège is our first common point, and every day, we discover others”, confided Jean-François, this Monday evening, in front of the cameras of the M6 ​​channel. The farmer from Ariège, candidate for this season 16 of “Love is in the meadow”, was alongside Mélanie, Fuxéenne by birth, for whom love at first sight seems to have been immediate. It must be said that these two Ariégeois, who had to go as far as Paris to meet, share the same love for their land and its traditions. So much so that when Mélanie, a volunteer for the Foix Terre d’Histoire association for a few years, had to welcome her lover for a weekend, she chose to introduce him to her universe in the heart of the county town. Highlighting this heritage that they both particularly love.

A great spotlight for Ariège

The reunion therefore took place at the foot of the castle of Foix before visiting the premises, privatized for the occasion. Pascal Allard, director of territorial development and tourism for Ariège, was the guide for this special opportunity. A unique opportunity to highlight the emblematic site of the city, its new museum space and its famous banquet hall. A space that has also given ideas to Jean-François: “I wonder if we could rent it for an event … for example, a wedding …”, he declares, facing the camera.

And statements of this type, there were others during this stay in Fux. The next day, after going to buy two chocolatines and

“La Dépêche du Midi”, Mélanie had indeed concocted a surprise for her agriculture, the ‘leading to the green theater of Espinet where the volunteers of Foix land of history were present to celebrate the couple. Fire-eaters and medieval costumes were out.

“We filmed on a Sunday, last May,” recalls Franck Farez, production manager de Foix land of history. It was Mélanie who had the idea to do this for Jean-François who is also a member of the brotherhood of the Knights of Espinet. Even though they are two different entities, we wanted to offer them this special moment. Then, for us, it was a great opportunity to meet again. “

Since the broadcast of the program, Foix land of history has received a multitude of messages. “Since this morning, it hasn’t stopped. We received messages from volunteers happy to see us on TV, and even from spectators who recognized us ”. On social networks, the sequence has earned a few less benevolent comments, notably comparing the costumes to those of Puy de Fou or to those of the film “The Visitors”, but the Fuxean association preferred to laugh about it by reposting its own. comments on his Facebook account

In any case, this Fuxean sequence had the merit of offering a good spotlight to the city, and more broadly to the entire department. The show was indeed a hit this Monday evening with an audience of over 4 million viewers.

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