IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Death of Bernard Tapie: sportsmen, politicians and artists at mass in tribute to the businessman in Paris

the essential A mass in memory of Bernard Tapie brought together many politicians, sportsmen and artists, at the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris, this Wednesday morning. The funeral of the businessman, who died on Sunday at 77 years, will be celebrated on Friday in Marseille.

From Bernard Hinault to Basile Boli, from Line Renaud to Claude Lelouch, many personalities gathered this Wednesday, October 6 in Paris around the family of Bernard Tapie, for a first religious ceremony in memory of the deceased. The coffin of Bernard Tapie – who had been successively entrepreneur, singer, president of the Olympique de Marseille, minister, actor and press boss – entered the church to applause.

Mass, in the presence of the First Lady Brigitte Macron, was held in the former Benedictine abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Près (6th arrondissement), almost a month after the ceremony in tribute to the actor Jean -Paul Belmondo between these walls.

Dominique Tapie, la veuve de Bernard Tapie.
Dominique Tapie, the widow of Bernard Tapie. AFP Photo

Sophie Tapie, fille de Bernard, et Rachida Dati.
Sophie Tapie, daughter of Bernard, and Rachida Dati. AFP Photo

Louis, Bernard Tapie’s grandson. AFP Photo

OM scarf in hand, supporters greeted the athletes who had come to pay tribute to the former club boss, who died on Sunday at 78 years at his home in Paris following cancer: the former striker Jean-Pierre Papin, golden ball with OM, football coach Rolland Courbis and Basile Boli, author of a winning goal in 1993 against AC Milan in the Champions League final, greeted by applause. We also noticed Bernard Hinault, former cyclist of the La Vie Claire team, owned by Bernard Tapie between 683 To 1991.

Former footballer Basile Boli. AFP Photo

L'ancien footballeur Jean-Pierre Papin.
Former footballer Jean-Pierre Papin. AFP Photo

The director Claude Lelouch who had made Bernard Tapie shoot in 1993 in “Men, Women, manual”, was present, alongside the actor Pierre Arditi, the actress and singer Line Renaud, from the writer André Bercoff and the singer-songwriter Didier Barbelivien.

Line Renaud. Line Renaud.
Line Renaud. AFP Photo

Michel Drucker.
Michel Drucker. AFP Photo

The host Michel Drucker, the essayist Alain Minc, the managing director of BFM TV Marc-Olivier-Fogiel, the publicist Jacques Séguéla, or the businessman Xaviel Niel had come running. From 300 guests, there were former President Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Michel Baylet, CEO of Groupe Dépêche du Midi, ex-ministers Bernard Kouchner, Rachida Dati, Christophe Castaner, and Jean-Louis Borloo, friend and former lawyer of the deceased.

Brigitte Macron et Nicolas Sarkozy. Brigitte Macron et Nicolas Sarkozy.
Brigitte Macron and Nicolas Sarkozy. AFP Photo

L'ancien ministre et avocat Jean-Louis Borloo.
THE former minister and lawyer Jean-Louis Borloo. AFP Photo

Jacques Séguéla.
Jacques Séguéla. AFP Photo

Benjamin Castaldi.
Benjamin Castaldi. AFP Photo

Le PDG de Free Xavier Niel.
The CEO of Free Xavier Niel. AFP Photo

“A figure in France for business and policy “79653598 Many police officers surrounded the square of the church, where there were 98 people. “Ah, it’s for Nanard,” exclaimed a man passing by. “I came to greet the sportsman and the man who brought a lot to French football”, testified Hugues Modestin, 46 years. “I am from the West Indies and the fact that he gave a chance, at OM, to players like Jocelyn Angloma from Guadeloupe, was important to me.” Jean-Claude, retired from 56 years of Val-de-Marne, praised “a figure in France of business and politics”. “He did some good things, others bad, we must remember the whole”, added his wife, Françoise, 74 years.

This ceremony was held on the day when the Paris Court of Appeal should have rendered its decision in the controversial arbitration case of 1996 between Bernard Tapie and Crédit Lyonnais. Because of his death, the court “noted the extinction of the public action” against him, after the release pronounced by the criminal court in 2019. But it will render its decision on 16 November concerning the five other defendants, including Orange boss Stéphane Richard .

A fiery chapel will be erected Thursday in Marseille, where Bernard Tapie is to be buried on Friday.

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