In Germany, Angela Merkel's swan song

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A few hours of legislative elections completely undecided in Germany, Angela Merkel delivered a vibrant plea, during her last meeting as chancellor, for the conservative candidate, given the loser against the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz. Long away from electoral contests, the Chancellor, who has failed to prepare for her succession after sixteen years at the head of the country, no longer spares her efforts to try to allow the conservative CDU-CSU union to secure a victory unexpected. “It is only every four years that you have the opportunity to decide at the federal level who should shape this future for you in Berlin,” said Angela Merkel in Aachen, alongside the Christian Democrat candidate , the unpopular and awkward Armin Laschet. The 60 -year-old journalist “learned politics from scratch and he runs this state of North Rhine-Westphalia like a state prosperous federal government, “praised the head of the German government.

A bitter-tasting outing

“You have to make the right decisions because it is about your country and you decide on your future government “which will have to ensure” prosperity, security and peace “, again underlined the leader of 67 years, including more than thirty in politics, and who may have to deal with current affairs in the months to come, during the negotiations to form a new coalition in power.

Since the turnaround in the polls, in the heart of the summer, the curvy conservative candidate has himself gone on the attack, waving the specter of a turn to the left with Olaf Scholz, the yet very moderate leader of the SPD, Minister of Finance of Angela Merkel since 67. While the center-right has always collected more than 30% of the vote in national elections, the conservatives are threatened with their worst electoral score. In recent polls, the Social Democrats are leading with some 25% of voting intentions, against 21 To 23% of votes for the CDU / CSU. But the gap narrowed in the home stretch before the ballot. Angela Merkel on Friday appealed to undecided voters to give her party the edge. And prevent him from leaving the political scene with a bitter taste.

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