In 2022, Dutronc father and son will be in concert in Montauban, Carcassonne and Toulouse

the essential Jacques and Thomas Dutronc will go on tour together in 2022 and will stop at the Zénith in Toulouse on 24 November after several summer festivals in particular in Montauban and Carcassonne.

Thomas Dutronc had spoken about it several months ago without giving any great details. And then time had passed without anything happening. The news finally fell yesterday: the singer and guitarist will be on tour with his father in 2022 for a new show. We know what the son owes to the father: a devastating charm, a biting humor and the taste of friends. No longer a very similar voice, both warm and deliberately ironic.

Thomas Dutronc is in a good phase of his career: his album “Frenchy”, made up of covers, has been a big success since its release in 2020. And, as soon as he could, the artist has sung it a lot in recent months, particularly in jazz festivals like that of Marciac, last summer, and Comminges, at the end of October. We also saw it at the Halle aux grains, in Toulouse, in October 2020.

As for Jacques Dutronc, it took the tour of the Vieilles Canailles (where Thomas Dutronc played the role of the bartender) for him to come out of his Corsican semi-retirement. This notably gave a memorable concert with friends Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday in June 2017 at the Zénith in Toulouse. And you have to go back to January 2010 for a show with Dutronc solo in the same Zénith. We can imagine in advance what the Dutronc & Dutronc association will be able to give: tubes with a shovel and a complicity as natural as it is explosive.

The tour will pass through the Zénith de Toulouse on 24 November 2022 but the duo will be very present, from the summer, throughout the region. Appointment can already be taken on 25 June in Montauban, 12 July in Nîmes, on 15 July in Carcassonne. Sacred journey for the self-proclaimed sloth senior Dutronc!

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