Imagine … an unreleased recording of Lennon auctioned in Denmark for nearly 50,000 euros

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(AFP) – “A small lot which attracts a lot of interest”, amused the auctioneer before the sale of an audio cassette of seemingly innocuous but which conceals a treasure: an unreleased recording by John Lennon, auctioned Tuesday in Copenhagen for 42. 760 euros.

It is a buyer by telephone who won the auction shortly before 19 h 00 (17 h GMT). His identity has not yet been revealed.

Originally estimated to be between 19.000 and 40. 000 euros, the recording of a total of 29 minutes was put up for sale by a gang of Danish sixties who, there are more than 50 years, had met the musician, who had even sung for them.

We are then beginning 1970, and four trendy boys, who write for their high school diary, brave a blizzard in the hopes of interviewing their idol, Lennon, and his wife, Yoko Ono, who have come by part of the winter in a remote corner of Jutland, mainland Denmark (west).

“We walked into the living room and saw John and Yoko ( …) sitting on the sofa, it was fantastic. We also sat down and were pretty tight next to each other “, remembers Karsten Højen, l ‘one of the owners of the precious souvenir, sold with photos of the famous day of January 5 and a copy of the diary.

“I was seated next to Yoko Ono and John Lennon was sitting next to Yoko and we talked, we had a good time. He stretched his legs on the table in his woolen socks. It was simply cozy “, confides this debonair giant, now 68 years.

At the end of December 1969, in a hitherto forgotten episode, John Lennon arrives in the Scandinavian kingdom with Yoko Ono to get closer to Kyoko, the latter’s daughter, who then lives with his father in the Thy peninsula.

At first going unnoticed, their visit, which will last only a few weeks, arouses the curiosity of the locals and the star organizes a press conference which falls … on the day of the start of the school year, the salesman is still having fun.

Never mind, his friends and him convince the principal to to miss a day of lessons to go talk peace and music with the singer, a few months before the dissolution of the Beatles.

Following a combination of incredible circumstances, because of the appalling weather , the four high school students meet to interview him in a relaxed atmosphere, in a thatched cottage in the li eu-dit Skyum Bjerge, as indicated – misspelled – on the label.

– For a museum or Yoko Ono? –

If Mr. Højen and his friends have decided to part with their treasure, which they do not have digitized, it is above all because they did not really benefit from it any more and did not imagine sharing it among their many children.

“We would be happy if a museum were interested or why not Yoko Ono herself “, estimates this consultant in the cultural field.

To listen to the recording, available nowhere else and of which a very short extract available in line suggests that it is of decent quality, a good old cassette player is necessary.

“You have to sit down and take a little time to listen to it and hope that all goes well “, confides Alexa Bruun Rasmussen, a person in charge of the auction house Bruun Rasmussen which takes care of the sale.

” They play + Give peace a chance +, but with different words and (Lennon) incorporates local Danish aspects, which is obviously great fun for n ous, but also + Radio Peace + which has never been published “, she explains.

According to her, listen to the recording, which cannot be marketed for rights reasons, is very moving.

“It is very sincere. It’s very local, and I think that makes it unique because John Lennon speaks to young high school kids, they share the passion for the message of peace. And we can clearly see that there is a connection between them “, says Mrs Bruun Rasmussen.

Karsten Højen recounted the memory of this winter day to his children and grandchildren. Soon there will be no proof left.

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