Iceland first in Europe to elect a majority of women to parliament

the essential Iceland has become the first country in Europe to elect a majority of women to Parliament, according to the results announced on Sunday of the elections marked by the weakened position of Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir within an outgoing government coalition that still holds a majority.

Of the 63 seats of the Althingi, 33 will be occupied by women, i.e. 52, 3%, according to final projections based on the final results of the poll organized on Saturday in the country of 370 000 residents. A first: no country in Europe has so far crossed the symbolic bar of 50% in a Parliament, Sweden occupying the first place so far with 47% of women parliamentarians, according to data compiled by the World Bank. “I am 85 years old, I have waited all my life for women to be in the majority (…), and I am really really very happy,” Erdna told AFP. , a resident of Reykjavik. While several parties themselves reserve a minimum proportion of women among their candidates, no law imposes a quota of women for legislative elections in Iceland.

The Nordic country is regularly at the forefront of feminism and has been leading for 12 consecutive years in the World Economic Forum’s ranking in terms of gender equality – men. “I am very satisfied that women have passed the 50% of seats, I think this is the normal course of what has happened in Iceland for a century. “, says Thora Kolbeinnsdottir, a bookseller and social worker.

Behind this historic female first, the main victim of these elections is paradoxically a woman: Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir, whose left-wing environmentalist party lost three seats and passed with 12, 6% of the votes behind his two current right-wing allies.

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